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Daithí - 'In Flight' Album & Singles

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by youthless, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. Not sure if anybody remembers this guy from Sky's Must Be The Music in 2010, he reached the final, did some unusual, slightly cool things with drum loops and violins. Well he's back with something amazing and assuming more of a Calvin Harris producer role with this one.

    Complete euphoric summer smash with gorgeous vocals, hope this somehow gets a push. It's up for pre-order and is out June 14th. https://itunes.apple.com/ie/album/chameleon-life-feat.-raye/id653989824


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    Well...after my first post failed so spectacularly I'm hoping this might do better. Daithi's second single is just out & it's actually sensational, giving me full-on Disclosure / Jessie Ware vibes. He's a bit lost in the mix (you can barely hear the violin elements) but who genuinely cares when it's this glorious!

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    With all the love for Gorgon City & Route 94 at the moment, It'd be cool for this to get some love too, I'm still playing it non-stop!

    He's got a new song coming out this week!
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    I'll troll these boards again but only because Daithi's album, 'In Flight' is now out and it's really REALLY good.


    1. Crosshair
    2. Case Closed feat. Senita
    3. Chameleon feat. Raye
    4. In Flight feat. Danny O'Reilly
    5. Golden Brush feat. Senita
    6. Have To Go feat. Jessie Boykins III
    7. Ribcage feat. Young Wonder
    8. Look Right at Me feat. Elaine Mai
    9. Dream State feat. Raye
    10. Target

    Here's the album sampler and new single below (which is very Ready for the Weekend-era Calvin).

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