So obviously they weren't going to promote Dream In U... and


I have a feeling that Dream In U (Remix Ver.) will be promoted after Hit U... they were going to promote it after Bling Bling but it was scrapped..
MV...did not expect. Song is half awesome, the video has well, bang, bang and more bang. Change the band to Fierce Shabet. Interesting concept this time, less cute than previous styles.

These girls look hot spicy to the core, yet I feel like avoiding Dal Shabet.
Funny how people compare Dal Shabet to the Wondergirls and SNSD during their first singles. Netizens spread their hate, like they are threatened by a new group haha.

I have a soft spot for Dal. Pink Rocket is a crazy bubble tune, worth atleast seeing the video haha.
Dal Shabet

Top L to R: Subin, Woohee and Gaeun
Bottom L to R: Ahyoung, Serri and Jiyul

L to R:Subin, Serri, Ahyoung, Jiyul, Viki and Gaeun

One of the more successful rookies of 2011. Very recently I've found myself completely hooked on this group!

Supa Dupa Diva

Pink Rocket

Bling Bling

Hit U

Mr. Bang Bang (Viki leaves and new member Woohee joins here!)

Have, Don't Have

Have, Don't Have is probably one of my favorite songs from 2012.
Re: Dal Shabet

I absolutely loved Supa Dupa Diva despite trying not to. I haven't been paying attention to them much but I recently took another listen to Mr Bang Bang and really liked it.

I much prefer the Electro Swing remix of Have, Don't Have... It has a personality and quirk that the limp original lacks.
Re: Dal Shabet

Is Viki the super tall one in this performance? She really towers over the other girls.

This week's M! Countdown performance is nothing special, but one of the fans in the crowd is really screaming at the top of her lungs. It's kinda scary.



Re: Dal Shabet

I feel like they didn't really need to replace the Viki one. They can manage as a five-member,but anyway, they seem OK with it.
Re: Dal Shabet

I really like them! Mr Bang Bang is one of my favourite songs of 2012.

And Woobin is a fantastic addition as i felt they always needed better vocalists. Previously, they only had Subin (and maybe Serri, but i've always found her voice screechy), and i really like Woobin's voice, especially in Mr Bang Bang.
Re: Dal Shabet

I still find it bizarre how Mr. Bang Bang manages to sound like Woohee throughout almost the entire song (minus Subin/Gaeun's parts). It's pretty obvious that Ahyoung and Serri are just singing to Woohee's voice in the video, haha. 1:45 sounds nothing like Ahyoung! Was it their company's way of trying to get people to like Woo?

Btw I adore Dal Shabet and Serri is one of my biggest biases ever, so don't think I'm ~hatin~ or anything.
OK, not posted here for blooming ages, but you have to love this song.


This new Dal Shabet track just cheered me up from a major Thursday night grump-slump.

B.B.B. is both instantly addictive and beautifully subtle. It’s a bit loads more mature than their older stuff (*cough* Bling Bling *cough*) and although the brash, hi-energy 80s synths positively reek of the Hazell Dean, the finish has all the panache and shimmer you expect from good modern pop production. My favourite part of the song has to be from the middle eight to the end. Just as you think it’s building up to a massive reprise of the eminently hummable chorus, it returns with a stripped back, exposed arrangement, showing the vulnerability and despair the song is genuinely about, making you believe all that posturing and hands-on-hipping earlier on was just a front to hide the bitter truth.

Look out for the Cartoons wigs, staircases to nowhere and trendy use of word ‘art’...

I love it too and totally agree. Their first song to blow me away. You should post in the general thread more often! I think it was unanimously loved in there.
I love this song too! It is nice to finally see GaEun have a share of the spotlight!

And Serri is just so charismatic! I cannot take my eyes off her whenever she's performing.