It's amazing. Who is the shortish haired one who does the quick bits?

Her name is Kaeun/Gaeun. Her parts are one of the best things about BBB. I'm really impressed by her ability to pull them off during the live performances. I've read the romanized lyrics and it's quite the mouthful. I'm sure it would be difficult even for a native Korean speaker.


I like the one that resembles Jessica of SNSD. She should be hogging in more parts!
I love the 80's beat in this. It would've been a huge hit in the Blade Runner universe. But what in the world does Rive mean.

EDIT: definition- split or tear apart violently. It is certainly not a common word.
I love this song too! It is nice to finally see GaEun have a share of the spotlight!

And Serri is just so charismatic! I cannot take my eyes off her whenever she's performing.

The bit about Serri, yes!!! I watched most of the BBB performances earlier and she is working her screentime, a joy to watch.
It was #6 on M Countdown last week. Not bad really. Serri sure owns the camera when she's up front. There's a bit of a homage à Girl's Day's boob-rubbing dance at one point.