Damage are Reforming!!

Aside from Take That and Robbie reuniting, there was some more big boyband news yesterday that Damage have got back together!!



The group are reforming to play live shows but aren't planning a new album at the moment, although they say they may release a Greatest Hits package.

I'm actually a bit excited about this, but only if they actually make a new album. I loved their 'Since you've been gone' album!
Also, they were at the Urban Music Awards launch yesterday and apparently are getting an Outstanding Contribution award! (Got to be some sort of joke surely?)


R&B boyband Damage, were announced as the official recipients of the Outstanding Contribution Award 2010 for their efforts in pioneering the UK urban music scene in the nineties paving the way for acts such as Another Level, Blue, and now JLS. The boyband who had top chart hits including; Ghetto Romance, Forever, What if I and Since you’ve been gone also announced exclusively at the UMA press launch that they had decided to reform this year since splitting up in 2001 and will be celebrating their hits and collecting their award at the UMA’s in September.
I saw them supporting Gabrelle quite a few years back and they were surprisingly good, then returned after their support slot to do "If You Ever" with her, and that was brilliant. They were doing what JLS are doing when they were still in nappies, so why not, with good enough material it could work, I'm intregued...


A. Who cares?

B. Despite my indifference...Ghetto romance is an absolute TUNE and still stands up today. If Blackstreet or Boys II men had done it...it'd be considered a modern classic.
I've just looked them up and they had a few top ten hits. Which is weird, as I remembered them as being more in the Code Red or Bad Boys Inc league of boy bands. Must not have been paying attention.