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Dammit what was that chav pop singer's name

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by HoochieKylie, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. HoochieKylie

    HoochieKylie Guest

    The one Lady Sov. did a diss-track about? She had like two singles.
  2. HoochieKylie

    HoochieKylie Guest

    Yes! Mysterious. Loved that track.
  3. Jentina. I used to love bashing her. Honestly, she deserved it. She was so terrible it wasn't even funny and she's probably one of the worst rappers to ever claim to be a rapper. Her lyrics were laugh out loud funny, nearly as bad as Katie Melua's lyrics if not worse. I think it's telling when a) the director of your debut doesn't include it in his CV b) your remixers remove your vocals from their remixes c) all of EMI's millions can't get you a hit record. Sad Ass Strippa just exterminated what was left of her dignity. It's just as well her album was never released in the UK, it was terrible, it would have the same job as Sad Ass Strippa.

    I sort of miss her, actually. There's no fun in bitching about the Pussycat Dolls. It still shocks me to this day how all that misplaced hype and money wasted on her and what happened? We get threads by people who can't even remember her name! It just goes to show you.

  4. Loved the article Kirkland, i'm ashamed to say she totally bypassed the whole of Ireland it seems as i was only vaguely familiar with her
  5. Found Sad Ass Strippa on YouTube I love it! Is there anyway of downloading it? I can't imagine it's available on a CD
  6. Aww, Jentina. French Kisses was ace but she was a complete wanker.

    She has a baby boy now. Poor thing. Inbetween appearing in terrible Wonderbra adverts and popping out dirty little ASBO worms, she's also writing new material. Her MySpace says so.

    Can't wait!

  7. She's got a Lady Sovereign diss coming out (four years too late!) and some Cathy Dennis songs that nobody else wanted, I'll wager. She doesn’t have a label yet, but there’ll be some useless fuckwit out there willing to waste money on her. She is a complete wanker and an illiterate tramp to boot. Even her LastFM 'fans' take the piss out of her lyrics and 'rapping'.
  8. I thought you were joking until I actually read her blog and saw she really has got some Cathy Dennis tracks to come back with. What's up with that? Is Cathy really that bored?

    Do you remember that story that her record label used as her biography? Something about leaving the UK for America on her own when she was 15, travelling around and spitting some jamz with Snoop Dogg fo' reelz before being deported or some such drivel. I remember it began "Born in a caravan in Woking..."

    I wish I'd been the office bod who penned that biographical gold.
  9. ScottStar

    ScottStar Guest

    I thought this thread was going to be about Lily or Kate. I'm disappointed. Jentina was a talentless scrubber who lived in a caravan.
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