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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by IAmRockstar, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. Other recent bangers

    (co-prod by SG Lewis, hence the glow-up)

    Massive diva vocal.

    King. This is sex (again).

    Very 2013, love it.
  2. pdf


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  3. monster tune.
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  4. This slots in very nicely with Peggy Gou's recent releases. Excited to hear the rest of the EP!
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  5. Fans of dreamy house music, I strongly recommend DIDI HAN's new EP Wake Up. She's a South Korean DJ who has recently signed with French label Roche Musique.

    Her past releases:

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  6. So I'm listening to these EPs below and currently floating in the clouds formed by DJ Close Your Eyes To Find Me, an artist that seems to focus on trance a lot. I'm also namedropping the only comparison I can think of, DOSS, as my knowledge in this genre is very limited so far dd. I figure both of you @Andy French @ysev might get into this.

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  7. Hello. I've had an increasing inclination towards deep house this year, particularly foreign house. Can anyone recommend me anything if you're into the works of Peggy Gou / Yaeji / Park Hye-Jin / Jayda G / Salute / Fred Again.. / Vegyn???
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  8. I’d give Danny Howard and Pete Tong’s Radio 1 shows a listen to
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  9. Didi Han should be right up your alley.
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  10. @Crisp X I just want you to know that I have become absolutely obsessed with DJ Close Your Eyes To Find Me since you tagged me
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  11. Every time I see @Ana Raquel’s avatar on here it always reminds me of how banging this album is:

    I know you’re definitely a closet dubstep fan, Ana!
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  12. Came across Fred again..'s album recently... it's amazing!

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  13. This is incredible
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  14. Can't wait to dive into it, his recent singles have all been fantastic.

  15. Park Hye Jin's album is out, can't wait to blast it this weekend.

  16. I didn't see this notification until now! But yes I found this album by chance and listened to it because I liked the cover art ddddd but it's full of bangers.

    I didn't expect to see anyone on PJ knowing and stanning this, so taste! Have you listened to the remix album? I have yet to.
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  17. The only remix I've listened to in full is the Habstrakt one (did you know he's remixing Next Level as well?) but I have heard that there's a ton of dope remixes on there, definitely need to check it out.
  18. Who knew Karol G and Tiesto could make a mega bop. I’ve had it on repeat since it came out.

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  19. Stan Scottish talent
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