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Dance Love Rate - The Agnes Discography Rate (Three weeks to vote)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Empty Shoebox, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. I always forget how the early years of Idol etc. had those broom-closet sized stages.
  2. Imagine being on Swedish Idol with all those guys, I mean...
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  3. The film?
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  4. For the rates sake I’m going in on the first album...loving Emotional so far. Very early Britney.

    I’m a little annoyed I Trance has come out just now. In a world of, let’s be honest, 11s I think it might snatch mine, part of me is thinking that’s because it’s new and slapped me around the head, but again a song hasn’t hit me this hard for years. My other possible 11 is a ballad so I guess I need to decide if Agnes is more important to me as a balladeer or a bopper. She’s a rare artist that honestly excels at both equally....
  5. You're not far off:
  6. I'm not sure what will get my top score, but I had a moment listening to 'Open Up Your Eyes' this morning.

    Through every tear, every fear, I was always here,
    Open up your eyes.
    And I could be everything that you really need,
    Open up your, open up your eyes.
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  7. Open Up Your Eyes is an absolute favourite. I’ve had to buy an original Love Dance Pop CD off amazon marketplace so I can rip it as it’s not on Apple Music.
    For Dance Love Pop, would you say that the tracklist Empty Shoe Box posted for the rate is the definitive tracklist?

    I really struggle with that album as I’ve had so many different versions, I like to include all the songs as close to their original placing as possible. Although Love Me Senseless for some reason was always the last track on my original download so I can’t imagine it so early on. I need to make my own version again as not everything is on iTunes/Apple Music although seems to be on Spotify. Useless.

    Back to the debut, I was not expecting What a Feeling to be THAT. Fucking awful. First out I hope?
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  8. I have the UK edition with the remixes + Secret Love + You Rain, but also bought the original Swedish release so I could own Open Up Your Eyes and Look At Me Now. Since so much of the album was remixed, it feels right to own both.
  9. What a Feeling is a 10, without doubt.
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  10. Her debut album is less bland than I thought it would be.
  11. Yes I’m going to have to get both as neither are on UK iTunes. Just the Love Love Love version under compilations. Mess.
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  12. I started with my Swedish tracklist, then added tracks from UK, France, and Love Love Love editions as I found them missing.

    Love Me Senseless is track 3 on the Swedish release.
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  13. I had forgotten what a kii Loaded is. We love a dick anthem.
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  14. Loaded is one of my possible 11s. Iconic.
  15. Scream my current average for Dance Love Pop is 9.3.
  16. Dear @DJHazey whatever voodoo magic you did that led to those Alcazar albums going onto Spotify USA during the Alcazar rate ... did you repeat it? Because 10 years after its first release, it seems that Dance Love Pop has found its way to our shores too.

  17. And it looks like I can listen to "Realise Me" and everything else bar "On and On" "Big Blue Wall" and a few remixes! Yippee!!!
  18. Omg I'm not kidding I asked for it. Let me give the link I use for requests...
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