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Dance Love Rate - The Agnes Discography Rate (Three weeks to vote)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Empty Shoebox, Jul 1, 2019.

  1. In this day and age of Whispering Chanteuses, it's nice to hear a proper belter singing classic pop music.
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  2. Nope not me!
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  3. Hold up! What were Instant Repeater 99 and Flowers for? Only just heard them. On Repeat. Amazing.
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  4. Nope its from multiple Spotify Community FAQ threads where a Spotify tech provided that link as part of their reply.
  5. Agnes was on the fourth series of the show Så mycket bättre, where a bunch of musicians get together at an island hotel and perform their own interpretations of each other’s songs. Those songs were originally performed by The Soundtrack Of Our Lives and Titiyo, respectively.
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  6. Thanks! I don’t know the originals but they fit in with her material great. For UK peeps they are on ‘The Collection’ on Apple Music which also has You Rain and Secret Love too, so actually I can make a definitive Dance Love Pop playlist finally.
  7. Interesting. In my three years of Pop Activism and getting labels to put old music online, I’ve never known for a music platform to have a dialogue with a label about widening the availability of an item.
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  8. I don't know what they do behind the scenes, I just know I have asked a for a couple albums that have popped up in the U.S. soon after.
  9. I hope the ~90 minutes’ worth of submissions of Melodifestivalen acts from 2002 onward that I sent were properly received.
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  10. So many incredible rates taking place at the same time.

  11. I feel so attacked by this gif.

    I feel like I could easily have sent in my scores on day 1, but I want to create the false impression that I actually have a life by waiting until the last moment. (I don't have a life.)
  12. Another week, another Person Who Has Worked With Agnes Carlsson.

    This time it's the turn of an English person.

    Yes, it's John Lundvik.

    Yes, John Lundvik was actually born in London, Londonshire.
    However, he was adopted by Jane and Johan Lundvik very shortly after birth before moving to Växjö, which is also in The South.

    John's first attempt at fame was as a sprinter, and he was rather good, setting a PB time of 10.84 over the 100 metres in 2006.

    He then ventured into songwriting, with his first credits coming in 2008, with two songs from Idol Finalist Panu Larnos' album 'Million Miles' - 'The Break of Day' and the title track.

    Panu Larnos, of course, being a finalist in Idol Finland in 2007.

    Then of course, John wrote 'When You Tell the World You're Mine' which was performed by Agnes and Björn Skifs when some rich people were on television in 2010.

    John's next credit is for the song 'Emily', as performed by Finnish man Mikael Konttinen on 2010's album Ota Kiinni.

    Being a songwriter in Sweden, it wasn't long until John wrote a song for a Eurovision national selection. But, John being John, it wasn't a Melodifestivalen song, but a Melodi Grand Prix song. 'Little Bobbi' by United, not qualifying in 2012.

    Wasn't that wonderful?

    In 2014, John pops up on a Sanna Nielsen album track before being asked to leave. It was then time to do what you have all been anticipating. Melodifestivalen.
    John wrote Anton Ewald's entry 'Natural', which despite Christer Björkman's best efforts, finished behind Alcazar in the semi final. It still made it direkt till finalen though, where it finished last!

    John then decided to enter as an artist in Melodifestivalen 2018, with the X-Factor Winner's Single 'My Turn'. He went direct to the final from the first semi, before finishing third in the final of what we all can surely agree was the worst Melodifestivalen ever.

    2019 meant another Melfest entry for John, entering a song called 'Bigger Than Us'. SVT rejected this song, telling him that it was crap and he could and should do better, so he came back with 'Too Late For Love', which was essentially the same song, but better. It won Melodifestivalen by a landslide, getting a perfect jury score, which didn't impress @WowWowWowWow and I, who were in the audience in Solna.

    Ever eager to pick up any old garbage for Eurovision, the BBC pounced on 'Bigger Than Us', and entered it into their national selection. In the end it was picked to be the UK's Eurovision song, sung by Michael from Hartlepool, who had apparently won a competition that nobody who competed in remembered, never mind anyone else.

    So John went to Israel with the best chance of doing a Peter Böstrom since Peter Böstrom in 2012. Michael fulfilled his part of the deal by finishing a distant last, behind the two zero pointers. Was it deserved? Yes. Completely. But watch yourself if you really want to:

    As for John, well he gained a great number of points from the juries, eventually finishing second in their rankings, but with the cockups on the night, as well as a new voting system, his televote score was announced last, as he was judged to have been the jury vote winner. It was a tense few seconds, as everyone tried to do the maths in their heads to figure out if he had got enough points to beat Netherlands' Duncan Lawrence. The presenters told us that he needed 254 to win.

    He received 93, and finished fifth.

    So that was John Lundvik. Come back soon when I will be blabbing about someone else.
  13. Me everytime I see John Lundvik's name/face...

    Instantly reminded of
    When he enters you and he's bigger than you thought

    When he enters you and he's smaller than you thought

    When you're close to coming and he pulls out cause he's already done
    Thank you @KamikazeHeart
  14. Holy moly I totally forgot about this trainwreck
  15. When last I had the floor, Agnes had successfully made it through Week 4 of Idol 2005. Let’s continue to follow her journey.

    Under the light of the disco ball, Agnes sailed through Week 5 – Disco Week! – with her rendition of Candi Staton’s 1976 classic “Young Hearts Run Free”:

    Week 6 brought the classic Idol theme – Cocktail! You might alternatively know it better as “Big Band Week.” Here’s her take on Frankie Valli’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”:

    When we arrive at Week 7, there were only 5 contestants left, they could afford to have the contestants perform two songs apiece. And Agnes was ready to rock. Thankfully, it was Rock Week, so that worked out well.

    In round 1, she gave us an update of the philosophical anthem “Sk8er Boi” by Avril Lavigne:

    Could she make it any more obvious? WeJustDontKnow.gif

    And for round 2...



    Next time, we’ll remind ourselves what Agnes did for Love Week as well as Jury’s Choice Week!
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  16. Oh she did Avril? That's pretty iconic.
  17. Avril... Yay
    Sk8ter Boi... Nay
  18. I'm going to start this one soon.
  19. Instant Repeater really does its name justice because I can't stop listening to it.
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