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Dancing On Ice 2011

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Blob, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. Re: Dancing On Ice 2010

    I only started watching it last year for Sinitta and Danniella Westbrook. I then got sucked in!

    I'm a bit disappointed by the new panel - I weirdly liked them having five judges who hardly spoke.
  2. Re: Dancing On Ice 2010

    Quite a decent lineup.

    I'm backing Jennifer Metcalfe before I've even seen her skate.
  3. Re: Dancing On Ice 2010

    I'm annoyed at the new judge line-up. But to be fair they never seemed to have enough time to speak them all.
  4. Re: Dancing On Ice 2010

    Never watched this before but looks like I will be watching this year for Kerry.
  5. Re: Dancing On Ice 2010

    Furious that Faye Tozer isn't doing it.

    I'm backing Denise Welch all the way.
  6. Re: Dancing On Ice 2010

    I quite like the line-up, I actually recognise a lot of them for once. I don't like this 16 contestants down to 12 thing they're going to try and do. Are they actually going to let them dance first of all or is it a pure popularity contest; that article is very misleading.

    Anyway, when you've got Kerry Katona, Denise Welch, Jeff Brazier and a lot of soapstars you've got a pretty decent line-up.
  7. Re: Dancing On Ice 2010

    I hope Kerry skates while drunk off her face ala This Morning.
  8. Re: Dancing On Ice 2010

    Jeff is doing it this year!? I had no idea! Exciting, the relaity TV king is back hurrah!
  9. Re: Dancing On Ice 2010


    God I am a bad bad Kerry stan.
  10. Re: Dancing On Ice 2010

    Kerry is literally the only person who makes me want to tune in and even then it's only because of curiousity as to how well/bad she does.
  11. Re: Dancing On Ice 2010

    If Kerry is bad, I wonder how nasty Jason will be. I can't wait.
  12. Re: Dancing On Ice 2010

    If Jeff is the King, what does that make Vanilla Ice!? The F*ckin' EMPEROR!!

    I will be watching just to see Sam Attwater in some seriously tight clothing!
  13. Re: Dancing On Ice 2010

    Who are the new panel? I love DOI, I hope they haven't changed it too much this year!
  14. Re: Dancing On Ice 2010

    They've axed Nicky, and moved Karen to Head Coach. I don't want to sound like some middle aged grumpy housewife, but do they seriously think one Judge being qualified in Ice Skating is ok?!

    I don't care much for Nicky, but I like Karen. That look on her face when Jason insults someone is priceless.
  15. Re: Dancing On Ice 2010

    What exactly does Head Coach mean? Karen was always a coach wasn't she? So now she won't be on the judging panel and will basically be stood alongside Torville and Dean?
  16. slimane

    slimane Guest

    Re: Dancing On Ice 2010

    I hope she does a Waissel and embraces the mega bitch/Villain of the series role.
  17. Re: Dancing On Ice 2010

    Has Kerry been on yet?!
  18. Re: Dancing On Ice 2010

    I'd forgotten this was on, thank you!

    Ha, five seconds of watching and there's a fuck up!
  19. Re: Dancing On Ice 2010

    These "celebrities" are fucking nobodies! I was trying to work out which was the "celeb" and which was the "professional" and having no luck.
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