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Dancing on Ice 2018

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by NuhdeensPassport, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Just remembered the time I met Jason Gardiner and when we were taking a photo together I said "fecal matter" instead of "cheese".
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  2. I'm here for Jake Q doing topless routines.
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  3. The real question is will the iconic prop week make a return also?

    Also taking bets on who’ll be the first to attempt a headbanger.
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  4. Because it'll be more fun than the last three years of the X Factor.
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  5. I kinda want it to be Cheryl (but want her to remain safe)
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  6. I simply cannot watch this show, I can't handle the nerves, especially when they do that hand banger, I just can't not imagine constantly what if they let go of the ankles and someone goes flying blade first into the audience or head first into the ice. no no no.
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  7. Why won't Jake Quickenden just go away?
  8. ^he's too pretty.

    To me this show has always been the poor mans Strictly and has always felt very Channel 5, 11:00pm time-slot.
  9. Remember this performance by Girls Aloud on Dancing On Ice?

    It starts off looking like its going to be amazing then Torvill & Dean pop-up doing a completely inappropriate routine in outfits that don't match the girls.

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  10. Nearly missed it as wasn't expecting it to start so early. I hope it's good.

    Wish Karen and Robin were back though.
  11. Am I the only one thinking "It's no Strictly, is it?"
  12. The new set and camera angles make everything look a lot cheaper and tackier than it used to. It was never high art but even the worst performances were watchable and didn't look like two people shuffling around a leisure centre.
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  13. Dancing on Ice is the Ultimate Tour whilst Strictly is the Party on the Dancefloor Tour.
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  14. I knew this Olly Murs song reminded me of something:
  15. Did they spend the entire budget on the cute polar bear advert? Because it definitely didn't get spent on the cheap ass studio or the Z-List line up.
  16. Oh hello Max with that suave voice.

    (and full frontal photoshoot with your brother)
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  17. Z-List? With Dame Cheryl Baker? How very dare you!
  18. They’re so messy for always giving the Hollyoaks actress to Sylvan...
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