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Dancing on Ice 2018

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by NuhdeensPassport, Jul 15, 2017.

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    I was going to watch this for the incredibly hot weather guy (Alex I think his name is) but I still don't find it necessary for it to be back on TV already...
  2. I feel like it’s ITV going “Oh shit, none of our talent shows are that popular anymore, we may as well bring back the comparatively popular one which has a pair of Olympians and a glitzy female host.”
  3. I feel like Kem will definitely win.
  4. Loved that performance some of the professionals just did to Power.
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  5. I felt so sorry for the girl from Hollyoaks but she came across so cocky after her performance!.
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  6. Power, continuing its domination on primetime television.
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  8. Why is that Sylvan such an arse?
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  9. I low key want to watch this for my queen, Holly Willoughby.
  10. Kem was the best I thought. I felt they underscored Candice a lot, I thought she was rather good. Also Peri and that Performance to 'Power' were also highlights.
  11. It was so long and drawn out. The new set and camera angles just don't work and the less said about that commentator the better. I only watched for Jake Q so at least I can sit next week out.
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  12. Perri is an absolute queen
  13. I’m only here for Cheryl so I sped watched this episode (also because the husband can’t stand it) and I like that so far there isn’t anyone who is obviously leaps and bounds above the others because of previous experience. Fine you can have some who have never once been on the ice and some who have skated over the years, but that year they had the guy who had regularly played ice hockey was ridiculous.

    I actually don’t mind the set, I like the screens and its better than the tired “ice palace” they had for so many years before, but I have to agree, the announcer is bloody annoying and has to go.

    I’m fearing for Cheryl though, she looked very shaky in the group performance (although I’m not actually sure what the point of that actually was since the celebs did very little).
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  14. So the new announcer has apparently "left" due to "scheduling conflicts", don't care about the actual circumstances but that's a step in the right direction!
  15. Oh thank god, he was awful. Did not suit the show at all.
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  16. She really did. Trying desperately to make the 'Waring Wobble' a thing.
  17. I didn't mind the revamped Dancing On Ice as much as everyone else seemed to but the announcer was dreadful and incredibly annoying so am glad to hear he has "scheduling conflicts".
  18. I just googled why they don't have Tony Gubba back totally missing the fact he passed away a few years back. He was the voice of Dancing On Ice.
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  19. Oh Cheryl Cheryl Cheryl, you got my five votes, but that wasnt good!

    Not here for the ageism from that (ironically) aging queen either (but I didn't realise my queen was 63! - made me feel very very old, but she looks great on it!)
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  20. Much better this week without that annoying shouty commentator in your face every 5 minutes.

    I was amazed but pleased Cheryl made it through! She looked fantastic.
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