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Daniella Mason (self titled album)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by backstreetjoe, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. Oh my god I LOVE THIS
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  2. Me too. Instant love!
  3. Nice track!
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  5. Love it! Proper pop music!
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  6. what a bop cruel summer is!
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  7. There's always a place in my list "B O X" for a good songs.
    This is one of them.
  8. Shade of You remains one of my favorite PJSC-bops.

    This is basically what I want Katy Perry to sound like.
  9. These concept visuals, though, talk about working a budget.

    @Noir this is something you need to hear.
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  11. Already perched.
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  12. dd I mean they're hardly apples and oranges but it was mostly that she gave me the same kind of pop-for-pop's-sake ethic that Allie has. I always get a bit caught off guard whenever this kind of straightforward and unpretentious, eh... "aesthetic"-free pop comes along in the way-under-the-radar section (#buysaltashes etc) and then she turned out to have a bit of actual range to boot, I wasn't expecting too much but then Don't Worry swooped in out from nowhere being kind of flawless and the rest turned out to be various shades of great too.

    Aaanyway it's gonna be Friday in New Zealand soon enough so it's pretty much a moot point either way isn't it.


    Also, @Oleander, Butterflies is kind of giving me heavy Kimbra vibes, come to think of it and @Slice of Life too sorry for tagging you twice in less than a day dd.

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  13. I'm really liking this. Cruel Summer and Nightshapes are my favorites!
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  14. Not gonna lie, the second she opened her mouth I thought Kimbra mixed with St. Vincent. After that though her voice no longer resembled either but the style of the song is very Kimbra-esque. I wanna say Everybody Knows mixed with Kimbra's previous styles. Like Golden Echo but this is a lot more simple than that. Maybe a more subdued Cameo Lover? Either way, I quite liked it so let me check out the full album and report back. As you can see by my avi, your last recommendation was a complete success. Thanks for both the tags!

    I was binging on Lana's unreleased songs earlier so the second I saw the word "Butterflies" I thought you were making a comparison to one of the Lana songs with that title n n n n n.
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  15. @LE0Night you can tag me all day, all night babyboo.
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  16. Considering she probably had about two dollars to put it together with, it's a pretty cute video. And the song is lovely. She's semi-announced a batch of EP's she'll be putting out over the next year called State of Mine.
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  17. The new song is great.
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