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Danity Kane / AUBREY X DAWN / Dumblonde

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mr.Arroz, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. If this is what we’re going to be served with and the best they can muster, frankly rather they just didn’t bother and called it a day.
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  2. I don’t think anything’s happened per se. Shannon has her business now, and so I imagine she said she can’t spare the time (or money). Shannon wrote Aubrey a very saccharine ‘you’re my sis’ birthday card a month or so back so I think they’re still on good terms.

    This is frustrating because we know what Dawn and Aubrey-in-a-duo are capable of. This just isn’t good enough and they should have kept it, much less put it on DKs channels!
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  3. Boy Down is cute enough but Aubrey’s participation seems a bit ... useless? Fly is such a mess though. I don’t understand how the original Dawn track released on SoundCloud 5 years ago is infinitely better than this watered down mess of a track.

    The prospect of new DK music, while the girls were on good terms, seemed really promising, but at this point — Dawn serves such perfection as a solo artist, this just seems like a step back.
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  4. Both Neon Lights and Dumblonde’s last album were such fun, but these....are trash.
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  5. Oof, Fly is not it ladies.
  6. I know it’s a long shot but I hope alongside the new making the band competition, it touches on Danity Kane (and day26 but who cares about them) and brings all 5 of the girls back together even if it’s just for a performance special or something.

    it’s unlikely but I can wish.

    I think Danity Kane wasn’t appreciated at the time due to all the bs that surrounded them in their original run (mainly due to diddy and bad management). They could have been IT with a good support system and a good team.
  7. These are both a big oof.
  8. Apparently the full ep is available now but I can’t find it.

    Also whatever happened to New Kangs??
  9. The ep is the two songs. Strawberry milk is the name of the project with Fly and Boy Down as tracks.

    Edit: the dedikatedkrew instagram just said that this was a fun side project and that ‘you never know how many members will be in Danity Kane’. Maybe they’ll return as a four or five.
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  10. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

  11. Apparently New Kings from Aubrey and Dawn is out now but I can’t seem to find it on Spotify.
  12. It’s on iTunes..... can’t say it was worth the wait in all honesty.
  13. Can’t believe they actually took Shannon off this song...
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  14. Clearly Shannon has removed herself from the project. She isn't working on music with them, concentrating on her own ventures and spending time at home, and Dawn and Aubrey decided to get together and working on their own thing to bring to the fans. Why would they keep Shannon on a song when she hasn't been an active participant in the new music process in basically a year?
  15. I believe Shannon was never on New Kings, just like Neon Lights.
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  16. I ADORE New Kings.

    Its beautiful and they really delivered. Miss Shann tho
  17. Someboy

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    Somehow, even with all the witty thread titles throughout the forum, this one is the funniest.
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  18. She was, Aubrey posted a clip of the song a while ago and you could hear Shannon starting the second verse.
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  19. Shannon posted on Instagram about New Kings and said to support them and that she's glad they're continuing the legacy. I hope that she makes a return at some point. DK3 to me was always the best lineup and Shannon was always a vital member of the group. If they ever did anything major again I'd need her around for it.
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  20. I absolutely love that both Dawn and Aubrey are continuing to put music out together just for the fans. Forget the politics, let's enjoy that we are being kept fed. I'll listen to anything Dawn, Aubrey and Dumblonde related. Both Fly and Boy Down are trashy thotty bops but New Kings is another level!!

    I'd love Aubrey to continue Dumblonde and get back in the studio (with or without Shannon), Bianca is still that girl!!
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