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Danity Kane / AUBREY X DAWN / Dumblonde

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Mr.Arroz, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. Being a DK fan is wild.

    Can't wait for the Aundrea & Dwoods sub group in 2025.
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  2. I've rewatched Making the Band 3 for the 20th time thanks to quarantine.

    It is a gem of a reality TV show with Jason the den mother, the song/dance competition that gave us some great but also weird songs, Diddy being displeased with Aileen's weight after the 4 month break, Francesca saying HOOPITER, Diddy testing Aundrea, Taquita's confessionals, Aubrey not taking anyone's sh*t and the iconically terrible intro to SHE at the Backstreet Boys competition that resulted in them being booed mercilessly.
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  3. That reminds me how much I adored this short-lived spinoff series.
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  4. Omg I had no idea this existed!
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  5. Somehow I've missed this. It's really nice... miss Shan, tho.
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  6. I completely forgot about this song for a good while... What a tune! I can't believe how well they were doing with the Dollhouse Billboard debut and all that, I wish the era kept going properly.
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  7. I’m sad we never got pretty boy and sucka for love as singles
  8. Was there a physical CD for it?

    I still want to get the DK3 album with Aundrea vocals if anybody knows where to find it...
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