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(Left-to-Right: D. Woods, Aundrea, Aubrey, Dawn & Shannon)


Danity Kane were an American girl group who were formed in 2006 on the show MTV's Making The Band, under the leadership of urban icon P.Diddy / Puff Daddy / Sean Combs. When Diddy had the idea of forming America's best female band, he wanted to incorporate high-skilled-yet-raw singing with dancing and with unique sex appeal. The girls on Making The Band would have to endure weeks and weeks of vocal training and dance lessons from the iconic "inspirational" Laurieann Gibson. The girls were challenged and often pitted against each other. A lot of competent singers and dancers came through the show but it was Diddy himself who had the vision of what this 'girl group' would look like, however Laurieann would throw her "well informed" opinions in to help assist Diddy in the process. Eventually five girls were chosen: Wanita "D.Woods" Woodgett, Shannon Bex, Aubrey O'Day, Dawn Richard and Aundrea Fimbres. It was these very five girls who could sing all the right notes, dance all the right moves and had Diddy's eye.

Danity Kane in fact, took two seasons of the show to be discovered. In the first season of Making The Band (involving the girls), Diddy had thought he found the girl group but eventually was unhappy and in the last episode decided to pull the plug on the band. Aundrea and Aubrey were a part of this now aborted group, but Diddy gave them another chance by competing again in the second season.

Danity Kane were met with great success in the United States, their home ground. With massive support from Bad Boy Records and the TV Show, both of their first two albums reached number one on the Billboard Charts. These albums, Danity Kane (2006) and Welcome To The Dollhouse (2008) were documented on subsequent seasons of Making The Band as there was a lot of public interest in the group as a 'band' and as five women. The girls would eventually be linked to Day26, a group Diddy created after Danity Kane was formed. Day 26 was an African-American male group that mirrored Danity Kane's essential skills.

During Making The Band's Season in 2008, the girls were amidst the flurry of promoting their sophomore album and planning to start pre-production of their third album. Throughout that season, the public saw a shift and change in the dynamic of the group. Aubrey was often seen to be making Danity Kane her second or third priority which would result in multiple heated disagreements with Diddy. Dawn would be invited to sing on three songs for Diddy's upcoming album and the girls would often be in rifts with each other. This was definitely noticed. During the Season finale, Diddy ultimately fired Aubrey and D.Woods from the group. His reasoning behind it was that Aubrey let fame change her as person and it was not the person he hired. D.Woods was fired because her attitude was very negative and would often appear quite unhappy which Diddy would link her behaviour to her close friendship with Aubrey. Moments after this happened during that same episode, Shannon decided to resign from the group also. This news shocked the girls and all fans who were watching.

In 2009 Aundrea and Dawn returned for another season of Making The Band as a duo. They claimed on the show that Diddy invited all of the five girls back to continue as Danity Kane but only two of them showed up. After being unsuccessful trying to reach out to Shannon to convince her of forming a trio the group ultimately disbanded. The emotional deterioration of the hopes of Aundrea and Dawn were devastating to fans.

Each girl went about their solo careers which were often met with a luke-warm reception. Danity Kane were not established enough for any of the girls to have prominent solo careers. Aubrey O'Day is undeniably one of the most recognisable members from Danity Kane as she continued her reality career whilst the other girls focused on music. Dawn Richard became a member of Diddy - Dirty Money (2008 - 2011) including Diddy himself. Dawn also forged a niche solo career which has garnered a loyal following. Dawn has been the most consistent in releasing material.

It was in 2013 when Dawn, Aubrey, Aundrea and Shannon "met up for lunch" and were pictured together. This sparked a lot of rumours about a potential return but there was that burning question,"Where was D.Woods?!". Not long after the lunch meeting the girls declared that Danity Kane are coming back as a quintet. It was later found out D.Woods was not even asked to reunite with the other four. The reunion would also not include Diddy or the support from Bad Boy Records.

Danity Kane set a lot of wheels in motion to prepare for their comeback, six years after their last album Welcome To The Dollhouse in 2008. The girls did a one-date "return" gig which had all fans abuzz. New songs were being debuted in the live performances which showed promise that Danity Kane still had 'it'. The girls' Instagram and rebooted official website drip-fed news and updates on how the album was progressing. The girls started filming a new reality show for E! but it was eventually scrapped, which is a real shame. They were planning on modelling their reunion off the model from their conception. Without a TV show in the works, the girls decided to do a headlining tour called #NoFilter Tour to promote the bands return. It was all looking promising and the new music was great. However, on the first night of the tour, Aundrea announced that she will be leaving Danity Kane at the end of their tour dates - to start a family with her fiancee. Aundrea allow announced that Danity Kane would continue as a trio with Dawn, Aubrey and Shannon. It was also at this time even with Aundrea touring with the girls, Danity Kane debuted their first single in six years called 'Lemonade'. Danity Kane was now known as 'DK3' (by their fans).

Dawn, Aubrey and Shannon continued promoting the band and their new single 'Lemonade' and hyped up their upcoming album release. This came to an indefinite halt as a police report was made public that one day during a studio session there was a physical altercation between Dawn and Aubrey. This involved Dawn punching Aubrey at the back of her head in rage. According to Dawn, Aubrey and Shannon had orchestrated a private studio session with producers to phase Dawn's vocals out of the song and pave more way for Aubrey and Shannon to dominate the records sound.

Eventually, Aubrey and Shannon informed fans that Danity Kane is no longer (for a second time now). They both also spoke out in anti-violence statements and stated that it was the punch that simply ruined it all. Aundrea had her opinion of the scenario and was supportive of Dawn, which divided opinions from the fans. Danity Kane is now definitely finished and most likely will never return.

Despite the second break-up and serious issues between the girls involved, Danity Kane released their third album DK3, which only featured Dawn, Aubrey and Shannon's vocals. The album was released as a 'thank you' to the fans who had been loyal to Danity Kane. Danity Kane no longer existed so there was no promotion for the album. The album ended up placing at No. 42 on the Billboard Charts.

All in all, Danity Kane is officially over.


The Danity Kane Discography Rate will be simple.

You are to rate each track from 0 - 10. 10 is the highest and means you highly love the song. 0 means the song is absolutely awful and should be reused as a single from a much more inferior artist.

I will allow you to delegate three scores of 11 to any three songs of your choosing. However, these cannot be used for songs from the BONUS ROUND.

Half Points are allowed.

Please provide commentary. Although this is completely optional, it's always better to share some feedback for some comedic value and/or well articulated critical analysis.

PM your votes to me (obviously).


There will be a bonus round. Dawn has released the most 'solo' music since Danity Kane has ended so I've put together a list of her songs to rate. This is separate to the Danity Kane scores and eliminations will be at random.


The preliminary cut off for submitting scores will be Sunday 20th September. An extension of time will be granted if a number of participants need some extra time or want to change their scores and/or add some comments.

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48. Welcome To The Dollhouse (Feat. P. Diddy) - 2.95
Ain't True (Interlude) - 4.30
Picture This (Interlude) - 4.70
Come Over (Interlude) - 5.50
Press Pause - 5.60
Flashback (Interlude) - 5.60
Rage - 5.75
Key To My Heart - 5.85
I Ain't Neva Comin' Back (Oh Yeah) - 5.95
Heartbreaker - 6.00
Secret Place (Interlude) - 6.05
Pieces - 6.05
Is Anybody Listening? - 6.05
Back Up - 6.50
Secret Lover (DK3 Version) - 6.65
Ain't Going (Feat. Day 26 & Donnie Klang) - 6.65
Daddy's Girl - 6.65
Oooh Ah - 6.75
Two Sides - 6.75
Secret Lover (DK4 Version) - 6.80
Ecstasy (Feat. Rick Ross) - 7.00
Want It - 7.05
2 of You - 7.20
Rhythm of Love - 7.30
Right Now - 7.30
One Shot - 7.40
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I might do this. Familiar with the singles, but there it stops. The singles are awesome so I am here for that hidden gem. There should not be too much songs, right?

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Let me attempt to mend things by telling you that every Monrose song that @iheartpoptarts has played for me on plug.dj has been solid gold and I'm amped for your rate!
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