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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by smgfan, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. I was just thinking abut how the music industry is missing that girl group that leads in current music, and Danity Kane came to mind. I miss these girls so much! They were truly on their way to world domination, going from strength to strength, until their unitmely demise. They had everything going for them, sexy girls, all individually recognisable, all had amazing vocals, all could dance, had something about them that made them cooler to like than any other girl band at the time, not to mention the best girl band name in the history of girl band names

    And the great thing is, I think they all left on good terms (except maybe Dawn) which gives me hope that one day they will get back together and make a triumphant comeback.

    Welcome to the Dollhouse is still magic and Sucka for love was robbed of a single release. Does anyone else miss these girls as much as I do?


    Love this performace. Wish there was a decent recording of it.
  2. I LOVED them. Especially Dawn so it makes me happy to still see her doing things with herself. I loved everything of this band, the long-development of their formation (Making The Band) and everything else after that which I guess also involved Making The Band.

    Welcome To The Dollhouse is possibly one of the best R&B Girl Group albums. In fact it was very R&B despite most thinking they were pop. I thought they had a great chemistry except for D. Woods who always had a "hollier than thou" attitude and ego.

    I will always feel nostalgic listening to them, they are fantastic and completely irreplaceable.
  3. Love every single thing you said blaketat. D. Woods was my least fave, but I still love what each girl bought to the table. Not only was Dollhouse one of the best R&B Girl group albums ever, but their debut I think could be the best Debut R&B girl group album ever aswel. Ooh Aah still gets me everytime. They had such a high credibility feel about them, although im not too sure how much input they had on their music, they pulled it off every single time.
  4. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Loved both albums. Sucka For Love could well be my song of the decade!
  5. Welcome To The Dollhouse had brilliant songs on it and was a surprisingly good album bu they did not "lead" in any way shape or form.

    Striptease is one of the best Danja productions of all time.
  6. Love it. Def in my Top 20 thats for sure!
    And numerology, I dont think anyways is trying to say they were the leaders of the pack. I think its just clear that they were growing stronger after each release and gaining more fans around the world. They were only 2 albums in, and were starting to get world wide recognition. I would kill to know what would have happened had they remained.
  7. "What's underneath my exterior-ior-ior" still comes into my head on a daily basis, such a catchy line from an incredible song!
  8. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Their second album is indeed amazing.
  9. I knew I could rely on Mr. Arroz to come in and post my thoughts exactly.

    Strip Tease, Poetry, Is Anybody Listening, Pretty Boy, Damage, Lights Out, Sucka For Love, Bad Girl... all amazing.

    My only complaint is that Make Me Sick isn't on the album. I prefer it to Ecstasy.

    I also love Sleep On It from the first album. I feel so badass singing along to it.
  10. I love Ecstasy. I don't think they have a song that I actively dislike, really.

    Danity Kane could and should have been so much bigger than they were. They were all really talented and had distinctive vocals/singing styles, yet could harmonize SO well. Both of their albums were/are amazing. What Diddy did to them was foul. They were the only decent R&B artists on his label.

    I really want more albums from them, but it will sadly never happen...
  11. You know, I've always wondered. Was there ever an officially released 'Non-Diddy' version of "Damaged"?
  12. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Uh huh, yessir, etc.

    Anyway, it makes me super sad that this thread is in old pop. Just excellence here. So so, so so so sad.
  13. This group could have taken over the world at the moment; they make complete sense in the current pop climate. It was hard not to cheer for them. They were the first girl group since Destiny's Child to have the complete package.

    Fuck you Diddy!
  14. I've always wanted this! I hate him.
  15. I LOVE these girls! I have been listening to their albums alot recently!

    I love their hard RnB debut and the softer follow up album! They could have had amazing singles campaigns though! They missed out on so many hits by only releasing 2 songs from each album!

    This is how i would have done the singles...

    1st album
    1. Show Stopper
    2. One Shot
    3. Right Now
    4. Want It/Hold Me Down
    5. Ooh Ahh

    I LOVE 'Ooh Ahh'!! Who's with me?!

    2nd album
    1. Damaged
    2. Sucka For Love
    3. 2 of You
    4. Bad Girl
    5. Poetry
    6. Striptease
  16. Welcome To The Dollhouse is one of my favourite albums. Truely brilliant, it's an absolute disaster that they broke up. "Sucker For Love", "Is Anybody Listening", "Pretty Boy" & "Striptease" are all deserving of having the single treatment.
  17. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Um hello?! I thought I was the only one! I adore that song! Wow. So happy. Have you heard the demo by Krys Ivory?

    I swear I've written so many posts here recognizing the brilliance of their music - especially album #2. It's amazing. 3 years on it hasn't lost any of its shine.
  18. I tired to get into their first album about two years ago (I heard WTTDH first and adored it from first listen) but couldn't really as it was so stylistically different. I've just listened to "Ooh Aah" again now, however, and it's brilliant!
  19. Just listened to the demo, not as DK's BUT i love her middle 8. I can't really understand it when Aundrea sings it.

    Sucka For Love is my jam, massive popINJUSTICE for it not having a release. It's like the 'Ooh Ahh' of the second album!
    These girls could have been worldwide, I hate Diddy.

    But I need a solo 'Drea album in my life, she was the star of Danity Kane.
  20. One Shot is STILL my jam!

    And if Showstopper was realised today it would be a HUGE hit...they were formed too soon..
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