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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by smgfan, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. What's the story with I Wish? Genius has is listed as track 18 on Dollhouse but none of the editions seem to have had it.
  2. I Wish was a random track on self-titled ages ago. Don't know what's the deal tbh.
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  3. Aubrey brought out a random single few weeks back and announced she left America. Guess no reunion or Dumblonde music any time soon.
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  4. Shannon has retired from music so I think it’s fair to say it’s all over - at least for a while.
  5. I’m more than happy to lay Danity Kane to rest now.

    They well and truly had their chance and in the wake of their destruction created probably the best girl group alumni projects, ever (I can’t think of a stronger trio of albums between DK3, Blackheart and Dumblonde from girlgroup members).

    Universe is Undefeated was beautiful in what it represented between Aubrey and Dawn, but it was messy as hell and I think proof that the moment has passed. And the least spoken about Strawberry Milk the better.

    Dawn continues to be one of the most interesting and cutting edge solo artists out there and I’d rather she focuses on her own craft. Aubrey’s new song is surprisingly strong and I hope that, what ever she decides to do next, she’s happy.
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  6. The fact that those all came out within about a year of each other? *chefs kiss*
  7. In case you are interested and you don't know, Aubrey was part of the reality show "BET presents The Encore" to create a super girlgroup.

    The final band is called BluPrint.
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  8. A modern Christmas classic that isn't appreciated enough. Or at all.
  9. I wished we could all hear DK3 featuring Aundrea's vocals someday.
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  10. Dumblonde first album it’s not available for streaming anymore (at least in Italy). Sad news.
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  11. Same thing in the UK :(
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  12. That’s such a shame. Luckily I have the signed CD.
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  13. Weird. It’s still available on my UK Deezer
  14. it's still on US spotify:
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  15. I never realised how much I actually enjoy the Dumblonde album until it became unavailable in the UK. It would've benefitted from better mix & master but it has some exceptional electropop moments.
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  16. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    the remix album they did was ASTOUNDING
  17. GCZ


    I looooove this remix album! Tender Green Life and Waiting For You snatched on this remix album!
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  18. The way i jumped when i saw this thread being bumped...
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  19. I suddenly noticed it a couple of months ago. You Got Me and Take Away are some of the songs I cant live without.
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  20. I say this with absolutely no hesitation, but their first album is top 5 of the last decade. A perfect album.
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