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Dannii/Cheryl/Louis/Simon Panel

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by DISCO_HEART, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. do you think this panel will ever make a comeback either for a few series or one off?
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  2. No.

    Itll never happen nor do we want or need it too boo.
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  3. I think it will, they would get so much press from the whole reunion/return to the peak panel.
  4. No, and if they ever did it to try and entice viewers back into watching it they'd be wrong.
  5. I'm joining the panel
  6. You and Rita Ora on the panel would entice the millions of lost viewers back in!
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  7. It was the best panel line up for me (I don't watch it anymore though) but I doubt Dannii would work with Simon again after he threw her under the bus.
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  8. It's 2018.
  9. Have you seen the current lineup???
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  10. I do love this panel , and Dannii on the panel . But the XFactor is long gone and dead
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  11. I don't see Dannii ever coming back to the show, but then again, who would have ever thought we'd get Britney on X-Factor or J.Lo & Mariah on American Idol?
  12. Oh god can we get this panel one last time and than cancel the show for god.
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  13. Yeah, let's have a final show, a sort of Champions of Champions and then end on a high.
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