Dannii/Cheryl/Louis/Simon Panel

Well this panel was the X Factor peak. Dannii and Cheryl were always in the papers for hair wars, fashion wars, what they'd been doing the week etc. Until the finals night the judges were the stars of the show with both the public and the media.

Cheryl was so damn beautiful. I'll never forget her first season on the show. She was absolutely drop dead hot.
I would pay at least a few dollars to get a breakdown as to the reasons of who was and was not lipsynching in that performance: was it on a voluntary basis? Was it a time-restraint thing? Was it awkward for those who did? Were those who didn't smug?

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I think the whole thing was lip synced? It was a thing they started to do, the group performances, and I guess it was because they didn't have much time to reherse and wanted to save their voices for their solo performances?
Konnie was my favourite presenter ever. I've not watched the show for a few years. Do they still do The Xtra Factor? If so, they need Alison Hammond as the presenter.

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Simon needs to bankrupt himself to get this panel back for the 'All Stars' series.
I'm howling!
I never understood why, on a singing contest, they made all the contestants mime to these group performances every week? Why bother putting them in a studio and recording it and making them mime instead of just letting them sing it live?

Anyway that series was the show at it's peak in terms of viewers but jeez, the desperation for camera time and to push their own gimmicks and styles is so cringey. Cher Lloyd is clearly the star and it's a shame her and Rebecca Ferguson were completely overshadowed with One Direction in the end.