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Dannii/Cheryl/Louis/Simon Panel

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by DISCO_HEART, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. I remember most people glued to tv waiting for Dannii and cheryl to interact . But the cameras always panned away when they were about to talk lol. So shady the producers were
  2. Danyl sounding like he was having an asthma attack (probably because he was too busy looking at hottie Lloyd)
    Rikki and that stupid hat.
    Lucie Jones' lack of rhythm.
    Jedward having all that stage presence.
    Rachel Adedeji being significantly more talented than the rest (remember this banger?)
    Kandy Rain punching the air with all that enthusiasm.
  3. Rachel was worthy as a winner
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  4. Don't forget Jamie Afro with his stupid cocky mannerisms and thinking because he sang Sex On Fire that he's the 'rock star' contestant.
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  5. He was terrible !!!!! As well as Loyld, Daniel , and that hat dude.
  6. My God, 2009 was actually terrible and so boring? I always assume it was a vintage year because of Cheryl. Rachel Adedeji falling over carried that entire series.
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  7. I definitely watched the 2009 series religiously but I somehow have no recollection whatsoever of Rachel Adedeji.

  8. You don't remember this icon?
  9. Anyone know where I can watch the Dannii Piers Morgan Life Stories uncut in good quality?
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