Dannii Minogue - Dannii x Autone “Thinking ‘Bout Us”

I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum. The Don’t Wanna Lose This Feeling was not my bag at all but I love this remix which to me sounds like the PWL Miami Remixes from the late 80s done for the likes of Bananarama and Mel & Kim. Never a bad thing! Dannii is on fire
The more I look at this 20th anniversary merch, the more I realize that the 15th anniversary vinyl and deluxe CD are soooo much better! More variety of remixes and tracks, even on the vinyl! We're also missing the amazing "Creep" remix from the 15th anniversary version. Maybe we'll have to wait for Neon Nights 25!
Wow, the AMYL remix is pure shit. Initial Talk did the thing and reinvented the song, whereas AMYL were lazy and just pretended to be SAW.
I remain unmoved and unimpressed by the AMYL mix. I think the dry vocal, the main riff overstaying its welcome and the lack of any major melodic movement kill it for me. If they had moved the riff to be a post chorus thing, or just used sparingly as a hook, it could have been so much better. The only major melodic shift happens during the middle 8 which is much too late. It feels completely monotonous until that point and lacks the hypnotic driving synth that makes the simple melody work on the original.

I'm hoping the Luke Mornay mix of For The Record and Project K mix of I Begin To Wonder don't let me down.

At this rate, I would have preferred a new remix EP of the singles + some extras exclusively mixed by Initial Talk. I can see him doing so much better with the Blame It remix, even using the same PWL Miami Mix inspiration.
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