Dannii Minogue - "We Could Be the One" + Neon Nights 20 & Girl 25

Whether you think it is a bop or not, I will tell you one thing that is a fact We Could Be The One sits perfectly amongst these other gay classic and bops

You're delusional if you don't think these styles haven't impacted modern pop music.

New Jack Swing was all over the place over the last few years.
Not to put Dannii down, but do you realize the new jack swing craze was going strong way long before she released her debut album? Some were saying that it already sounded dated back in '89. If anything, she was late to the trend and I doubt anybody was influenced by her take on it...
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Had We Could Be The One on repeat while I drove to my parents this afternoon and I was fully feeling my homosexual fantasy.

Agreed. However, Girl and Neon Nights were ahead of their time, I’d say.
Personally I think Girl sounds like a very specific week in 1997. Outside of the singles it does little for me.

Neon Nights on the other hand sounds ahead of its time, except for "Who Do You Love Now" which sounds like someone just planked an almost-2 years old club tune at the almost-end of the album (which they did). Some of the video-game sounding moments that could fit in a classic Sonic level predicted where the later 2000's darker pop music would go before the doof doof in the club era kicked in at the start of the next decade.
I have to agree that it's a stretch to suggest her music was a driving influence behind the 90s house revival.

Jeez. Can you lot read? I never said that at all.

An assertion was made that We Could Be The One sounded like it was from Love and Kisses. I was defending the sound of Love and Kisses by saying the sound continued to be popular in recent years. I'm in no way saying that Dannii had any impact on the popularity then or now - only that it would not be a bad thing if it did sound like that era.

With all that said - I also pointed out that the song sounds nothing like Love and Kisses.
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Perhaps I should've relistened to Love & Kisses before making that comparison, but I was just saying that "We Could Be The One" sounded like a dated take on late 80s / early 90s pop song without anything to make it sound contemporary.

Obviously I'm in the minority here, but this retro-leaning pop does nothing for me. I'm glad that y'all are enjoying it though. I'm just used to Dannii being the cooler Minogue sister and didn't expect something so naff from her.
I love "We Could Be The One" for what it is, a standalone single for a TV show. It tickles me in the same breezy, summery 1980's spot that Jane Weidlin's "Rush Hour" does or No Doubt's "Don't Let Me Down". Not sure I'd be here for a full album cut from the same cloth.