Dannii Minogue - "We Could Be the One" + Neon Nights 20 & Girl 25

The date on those says released 23rd June, hopefully that's a mistake. I'm not sure what the rationale is behind waiting to release the song anyway. Would it not have made more sense to have the song and the mixes up for when I Kissed A Boy premiered?
I don’t get the hate towards the AMYL mixes tbh. I do understand the Miami sample is overused but the song is fun and is a decent nod to PWL circa 1987. I guess like all things Minogue we all have different wants and taste so will never all agree! I’m really looking forward to the full release of We Could Be The One and it’s mixes - been listening to the radio rip quite a bit and think Dannii has gotten this one right!

So these snippets have been uploaded... the Trouser Enthusiasts Remix sounds good!

Now I hear "Neon nights and we are dancing".

Definitely in the remix, yeah but in the original I still think it's ''neon nights and we all kiss'' which also makes sense considering it's the theme song to I Kissed a Boy.
Interesting that in one of her recent interviews Dannii mentioned that she would be in the UK twice a year from now on. Hopefully it means I Kissed A Boy becomes a recurring TV gig she can use to explore more music on the back of - or at least her QVC range remains viable.

I know she shut down talks of touring, but a couple of yearly shows would be brilliant.
Please can Dannii go to the town market and give us a Spanish 2023 version of the Hakuna Matata video. "Sure the people are different, but we're all the same - podríamos ser la única!"