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Dannii Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by euroboy, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. A legend.
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  2. I like it better than Perfection; everything I wanted; don’t wanna lose this feeling; and he’s gnaw greatest dancer
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  3. LP


    You're being a little....extra.
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  4. pdf


    This is pretty great... without being particularly memorable.
  5. This..........tragic. 'Weak' is all that springs to mind. Sia may not be the biggest Dannii fan but she deserves better than this!
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  6. It’s not her best but it’s still rather good.

    I’d be rather happy with a ten minute Trouser Enthusiasts remix!
  7. I am loving this. This is miles better than any of her recent output (all three songs).
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  8. I really like it, it's way above any expectations I had from Dannii considering how long ago she last had any kind of chart success and I'm not counting that irrelevant dance chart
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  9. I like it but I'm not living for it. It's her own fault, she set the bar very high with some of her previous work.
  10. I'm jealous of you all - I wanted to love it but I think it's diabolical. Just a tuneless racket.

    *plays I Begin To Wonder again*
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  11. I don't think I could hate this song more. An absolute tragedy.
  12. Same! I don't feel so alone now.
  13. I love it - the bonkers production is awesome! Love the 90s feel, a great song for me. It really does feel like pop star Dannii is back and she is serving! Hope this only leads to more...
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  14. I love it. (In time even the verse melody will grow on me). It has a hooky, melodic chorus & a 90’s sound that is in vogue & also very Dannii.

    Everyone involved clearly worked hard in their respective departments - directing/ styling/ make-up/ production, to come together & do the best they could on a shoe string budget which I respect & appreciate more than certain bigger budget audio/ visual productions that are uninspired & jaded.

    I’d love to see more of the pigtail Dannii scenes in the final edit as that is her best outfit/ look from the video (with the least amount of screen time).
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  15. Not all outfits were given equal time. Mostly the rose flower jump outfit was showed a lot .

    If only there were remixes, but i don’t think there will be any
  16. This is currently at #66 on uk iTunes. Granted it won’t mean anything in the actual charts come Friday BUT it does say a lot about Dannii’s fan base that she can drop a song randomly, even one that has a mixed reaction like this and Holding On have done and yet she can still manage stuff like this with little promotion, no label and no TV/radio support.

    I really wish she’d consider an album. She must have a plethora of material recorded since Club Disco/ Cos You’re Beautiful.
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  17. Get some remixes so it can be her next club chart hit in the UK .

    Don’t think this is going to radio here in Australia sadly . It’s chart peak on iTunes has been 36#
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  18. I love it, best song she's released in about 10yrs for me personally.

    And I'm really enjoying the 90s vibes I'm getting from it.
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  19. I love the opening of the song, and the bridge .
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