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Dannii Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by euroboy, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. I like Galaxy an awful lot.
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  2. Galaxy is really good. Nowhere near the greatness of her very best like Don't Wanna Lose This Feeling (album version), I Begin To Wonder, Disremembrance and You Won't Forget About Me, but certainly a step up from Holding On.

    She looks phenomenal in the video.
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  3. I like it but to say it’s better than Everything I Wanted... No
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  4. I really don’t understand the negativity for Galaxy. It’s not a career highlight, sure, but it’s still a great song.
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  5. Well it's no 'Touch Me Like That'
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  6. I assume that her support slot has started then. Any idea on what the setlist was?
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  7. Listens 4 & 5 of Galaxy were a lot more positive than the first three.
  8. I’m hoping it’s new and has been refreshed with new songs . But it may be the same tiresome one she has been using since Mardi Gra 15
  9. I was homophobically abused last night.

    I asked the DJ of a suburban gay bar for some Dannii and he said yes but then played the Chainsmokers instead.
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  10. What a noisy mess of a song.
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  11. What a nice surprise on this cold Sunday morning. She looks fab, the vocal bends may take a few listens but liking it two listens in.
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  13. I’d say galaxy is one of my top Dannii songs . I’m loving the lyrics, and vocals .

    I was listening to it today, and agree it is missing that extra part to bring it out . I think the song needs extra base to bring it out, as well as another Instrument to bring out the keyboard keys( its hit me that it sounds rather flat and lonely on its own). Maybe more drums or something base-like.
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  14. #prayingforremixes
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  15. Curls... wasn't Kylie posting some pics of herself with curls a month ago?
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  16. I would have imagined it would have come out on the same
    Day as the release
  17. Dannii looks incredible in those pictures!
  18. According to this Italian review (I had to use Google Translator to read it properly) the original version of Galaxy was produced by a duo named Riot City and then reworked by Ian Masterson for Dannii...interesting enough, Riot City have also produced Gaga's cover of I Want Your Love! Curious to hear the early demo by Sia now! Link: http://popsoap.it/dannii-minogue-il-ritorno-con-galaxy-nel-segno-di-sia/
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  19. The Remix EP for Summer of Love was made available a whole month after the release of the Extended Mix.
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