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Dannii Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by euroboy, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Ian tends to produce very camp music . So I’m curious to know what the original was like now
  2. F0BA8F05-E9E3-4719-9BD4-B6C7F762341F.jpeg 9BA7BAD4-B890-4681-8158-EF87091F800A.jpeg Adelaide show
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  3. Quick clip of Dannii last night
  4. Does anyone know what her setlist has been for the Take That tour?
  5. Few things are though.
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  6. Love and kisses
    Baby Love
    This is it vs Real Love
    Put the needle on it
    All I wanna do
    Who do you love now
    Galaxy ( no clips of this yet)

    That’s all I know for now
  7. She looks phenomenal in all the pics - it would be great to see her tour in Europe in some guise, though.
  8. With Kylie’s forthcoming Increase in public profile (come January) via her album launch, it could make sense to have Dannii over here ready to promote on This Morning/ Loose Women etc in springtime.

    They would give her a slot if she was prepared to address the comments Simon Cowell made about their supposed relationship in his autobiography.

    She could do a promo tour of provincial Gay Clubs up & down the U.K. & a possible cross brand tie in with whatever ex drag race contestants are doing the rounds at the same time.

    Meanwhile the single could be released for download/ streaming off the back of a performance slot on that Palladium show presented by Bradley Walsh on ITV. Then Festival/ Pride season would be approaching & she could get slots on those.
  9. She seems to be really enjoying herself. I can see her announcing her own tour theatre next year off the back of this.
  10. She also did her mash up of I Begin To Wonder with Stupid Girl by Garbage.
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  11. Seems to be no clips of singing Galaxy .
  12. Imagine 2018 giving us a new Louise album and a Dannii theatre tour with new album.
  13. The reviews have been beyond positive for both Dannii and Take That. A lot of people who always cringed at Dannii’s music were shocked at how good she could sing, and entertain . As well as going “oh my gosh I didn’t know she sang that “.
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  14. I saw Dannii in Sydney last night - great show with a mix of live band and track. Her voice was in such strong form, especially on 'All I Wanna Do'.

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  15. I’ve never needed anything more in my life than to hear and see this!
  16. Do people really think she could do a UK tour next year? The thought of seeing both Minogue sisters next year is too much. I've seen Kylie quite a bit but never Dannii and I would absolutely love it. Especially if it was a theatre tour.
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  17. I'd be all over a Dannii tour like hair on soap.
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  18. I'm still praying for a joint Kyiie/Dannii tour. It could potentially be on a par with Bananarama.
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  19. I can't see her ever supporting Kylie, as it's just cement what everyone has said about them etc. And they couldn't really do a joint tour as they're just too far apart as a touring act/popularity goes. But I could Defo see her doing a small scale theatre tour on her own after this. I'd go in a heartbeat.
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  20. So many clips of the Sydney show now up on YouTube . I feel this will reignite her extcitment for music . She definitely needs to do more concerts now, but of course small venues as she wouldn’t sell out large arenas
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