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Dannii Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by euroboy, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Yeah, it d
    I'm getting the vinyl, but no need to get the CD again.

    I could be wrong, but I seem to remember thinking that she looked way too thin in a lot of the pictures used for the "Neon Nights" deluxe booklet.
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  2. The demo video (who knew there was such a thing) has now been removed.
  3. Please say that someone captured it.
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  4. Her team are surely quick to act about things that truly do not matter!
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  6. She also used it awhile back on facebook , post of march 9th
  7. There we go

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  8. Preordered the CD. I wonder if Girl will follow?
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  9. 60BF7D81-F381-4A7B-9475-7F6FB587B713.jpeg I just received an email from HMV saying I’ll be receiving a signed Dannii poster and the vinyl will now be black???
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  10. Ok so one would assume the signed print is an HMV thing?
    Is she still silent about the exclusive?
    I ordered on amazon to be safe, there was no mention about it being limited without prints right?

    Why can I only find the CD on hmv, with the full track listing?

    I did capture the rough video, I wasn't born yesterday and I'm no fool believing everything that is digitally avails will always be there. hello itunes and spotify
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  11. Plot thickens indeed.
  12. Do you think even Dannii knows what is going on?
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  13. "I have to sign 250 prints????"
  14. My CD copy of Neon Nights arrived today... right on time. Currently bopping

  15. https://danniiminogue.pmstores.co/

    Signed Poster with the coloured vinyl together, cancelled both my Amazon and HMV orders now!

    Also Pledge Shipping Costs continuing to be way above what they should be shocker!
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  16. Panic ordered the coloured vinyl with signed posted due to stock being at 300 remaining, cancelling my amazon order as it’s not clear if what I ordered was coloured or black.
    Postage and package is a botch though!

  17. Yay!
  18. They pushed back the date until June 22, 2018
  19. I do not understand why the deluxe cover seems to have replaced the original cover! And a signed poster? Why couldn't the album cover just be signed? Sorry to moan.
  20. I'll be honest I would have preferred the original cover. Or the Japanese cover if they had to go with the other photo of Dannii, I just think it suits it better. I still bought it though.

    I wonder if the poster is because Dannii can sign them in Australia and then ship them to the UK for bundling with the vinyl, rather than just sign the vinyl.
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