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Dannii Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by euroboy, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. I guess using the re-release cover makes sense as that where you get the pink and blue colours from.


    If she went with the original cover the coloured vinyl wouldn't make as much sense.

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  2. Still tho...the original is better.
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  3. The original cover is 100% better! She just looks pissed on the other
  4. I'm so confused. According to these new promo uploads, 720p widescreen versions of the music videos exist, but the full video uploads are either letterboxed widescreen videos in 360p/480p or 4:3 versions.

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  5. This all seems done on a whim, scream.
  6. Kind of wish the vinyl had an exclusive cover, something different to the original CD and the re-release.

    Maybe this one

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  7. July is a bummer, but oh well. Still so random to be getting it at all!
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  8. Mystified, mystified, heard it on the grapevine...
  9. I'm OBSESSED with this album.

    ...ON THE LOOP
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  11. C5AC1C59-56EF-4484-B6F1-08463CD75AB2.jpeg I mean, I don’t want to jump to conclusions and I don’t know if Dannii is one of these celebs that likes every comment she gets on Instagram. But on her picture with Nile Rodgers, I commented with this and she liked it. Hmmm.
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  12. We don't really need another one-off/slightly-dated-sounding single though do we. As much as I like Galaxy.
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  13. As nice as it is the idea of Dannii releasing music even if its just one of songs every other year - The quality is just not there is it? It's not that they're bad songs (maybe Holding On) but personally I find them very average. You're Beautiful, Summer Of Love, Holding On, Galaxy - Galaxy being the best of the bunch.

    I get that she has no major label support but i thought she was friends with dj's and is 't she friends with Ian Masterson still too? Point being She could maybe feature on a dance track again like she did Riva or get one of her better connections to produce a quality song for her.
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  14. At this stage I'd rather just have a Neon Nights live show.
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  15. I wish she'd give us one more quality album. She was always the more edgy Minogue and I need more.
  16. I was never a fan of that baby blue and pink. Hello, neon.....
  17. Same here ! I think the baby blue and pink is tacky , let alone I never ever liked the album cover . She did some great photo shoots that could have worked for the neon nights album . I loved the one with tjthe green background , blue outfit , and she has a martini next to her . Now that would be an album cover .

    I hope Girl is released again on CD and Vinyl.

    Does anyone know why Get in to you , and love and kisses are not on Spotify ?
  18. I was so ready to spend my money on a NN reissue, but it's just the same 2007 reissue
  19. 0D5F8AD4-83E9-480A-82F7-E2F0C3B75972.jpeg

    This would have been nice as the new released neon nights album cover . Despite it being the same as the 2007 reissue , I so would have bought it purely for a fresh new cover .

    The hair , the outfit , the colors , the martini symbolising a heavy night ahead = perfect cover
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