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Dannii Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by euroboy, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Which is her essential singles collection? Hits & Beyond or This Is It: The Very Best Of?

    I can’t decide which one to get.
  2. This is it : the very best of is the majority of Dannii’s singles (plus Kylie duet and cos your beautiful)

    Hits and beyond is some of the hit singles , and some new tracks (which is nothing special).

    This is it would be the better album
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  3. Thanks, I’m going to get This is It, it’s definitely the more consistent and retrospective collection.
  4. Can anyone give insight on ‘come and get it’? What’s the story with this ? Why was it going to be a single ? Why are there so many different radio single versions? And why was it canned ?
  5. It got cancelled very last minute but the reason for this is only rumours.

    One of the rumoured reasons was that Dannii blocked its release as she was no longer with London Records (London Records switched distribution in 1999 from PolyGram/Universal to WEA/Warner Music Group). Another rumoured reason was that Dannii was about to launch her brand-new single ("You Won't Forget About Me") on a rival label (All Around The World Records).
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  6. Whilst on topic can someone please clarify what happened between Dannii and London records? For the first time in her career everything was going well for her then she went to All Around The World! Why would anyone do that?!
  7. The songs recorded for the second London Sessions were those unreleased ones on Unleashed. So The material was already shit before she switched labels.
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  8. With the restructure at London Dannii was told she’d have to delay the release of her 2nd album and also those involved with Neon Nights has moved on.....AATW offered her a deal which then became about one off dance singles which she wasn’t happy with. It seemed like a lose/lose situation.
  9. I love all of her output until she joined AATW, it just cheapened her brand.
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  10. As much as I enjoy Unleashed there isn’t a song on it that screams out lead single to me. It would have been a very underwhelming follow-up to Neon Nights.
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  11. Unleashed songs sounded cheap, and rather boring . So the follow up to Neon Nights was dissaponting . Maybe London heard the tracks and thought no.
  12. To be fair we don't know how far into the recording she was. It's not uncommon for an artist (as we know with Kylie) to record 50+ songs, trying to find THAT hit. I'm sure Dannii would have got there eventually.
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  13. Anyway , does anyone know why Dannii hasn’t bothered with adding Get in to you and Love and kisses on Spotify ? As well as rereleasing the albums?

    Yeah it won’t make much money , but least make them more available
  14. The deluxe versions of both them albums have been on Spotify for ages
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  15. Are you talking about Club Disco or Unleashed here? I thought the latter was just a Hits / Remixes / Rarities compilation? Where as Club Disco was an actual studio album?
  16. The previously unreleased songs on Unleashed were recorded for the follow up to Neon Nights so were potentially what could have been her fifth album.

    Also I am a member of the camp that thinks of Club Disco as a compilation too.
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  17. What country are you in? Sounds like there is a regional block.
  18. Hide And Seek is high key one of Dannii's best bangers.
  19. Uno


    There are literally no duds on Neon Nights.

    Unless you have the acoustic version of It Won't Work Out instead of the regular one, then...
  20. She I use Spotify or go to iTunes Get in to you , as well as love and kisses, are not there .
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