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Dannii Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by euroboy, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Sis, that post was just an iTunes update from two years ago, and based in the UK, chill.
  2. She could probably crowd fund a new album... possibly.
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  3. Having a bit of a moment with 'Love Fight'. "Come on baby get it while it's...hot!"
  4. If Martine, Louise and Claire Richards could get on a label again I don't see why Dannii couldn't. (This is hypothetical though seeing as she's been vocal about not really wanting to do the album/tour cycle)
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  5. Anything since So Under Pressure hasn't had any quality control in my opinion. I suppose thats when my subsequent expectations started to drop. Saying that however my favourite Dannii song is Tonights Temptation.
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  6. True but she may have an issue with working with a label and the demands of that and might prefer doing it on her own terms?
  7. Ha ha Lindsay Lohans Instagram story - using Dannii’s Love & Kisses song!
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  8. Iconic.
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  9. Over a decade later, I say it still should've been a single.
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  10. She can’t really want to do music.
    It seems to me that she’s done with it.
    If she really want to make it happen and still produce music she would. If you are a musician you make music. She’s moved on and will dip back in for nostalgia and such.
  11. I would love Dannii to do a small tour like Kim Wilde did last year just to see all the love that is out there for her. It's such a shame she lost confidence in her music career when she made such a brilliant popstar. The setlist would be insane, all killer and no filler!
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  12. I suppose we can be thankful she went and put Neon Night on vinyl. She understands her fanbase and love for that record.

    I still think she'll do something again, musically, once her son is older.
  13. Impeach Sia. Between Galaxy and "Executive Producing" Kiss Me Once, she has done no favours for the Minogues.
  14. Except for the song Kiss Me Once, which is one of Kylie's best Parlo songs.
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  15. I'm sure Sia just has this vault on unused demos now and it's gets opened and songs offered to people once in a while. Basically all the leftovers no one else was interested in. I suppose for Dannii, at least, it seemed like a real coup to get a Sia song. At that time.
  16. I love Dannii but she couldn't fill the kind of venues Kim did.
  17. Dannii really was the best judge. You could tell she actually put in the hours to mentor her teams and cared.

    I've barely watched the show since she left tbh. Though I may tune into the "celeb" version this evening to see Ricki Lake.
  18. Same thing with the Blondie song she gave them for "pollinator". Debbie has said they were so excited to get a song from her, and it is by far the worst thing on the album. Imagine giving Dame Debbie that mess...she should hang her wig in shame
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