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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by euroboy, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. It would be amazing to have those things but as a Dannii fan it's nice to know that we basically ended up with three unreleased albums so I really can't complain. I love hearing more around that very weird time when she signed to AATW though. It all should have been so different. Saying that, I still love Club Disco and am thankful that we did eventually get it.
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  2. Funny how you can split Dannii fans into two camps: those who consider Club Disco her fifth album, and those who consider it a compilation of cuts.
  3. I wish Dannii would follow in the footsteps of Louise and attempt a similar comeback - including a new studio album and a small tour. It would be essential to have a team/management/record label who "understands" Dannii and her audience. It will probably never happen since she's based in Australia now, but it would be brilliant to have her back on the music scene and seeing her perform again.
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  4. Fascination would be the perfect label behind this. We all know she's never going to trouble the charts again but a new album and small tour would be fantastic. I just don't think Dannii's interested sadly. It's a shame as she was such a brilliant popstar.
  5. Sadly, the Fascination label doesn't exist anymore.
  6. Exactly this. Dannii doing a Louise would be incredible. The thing is though, the artist has to really want to do it because I'm sure it's not for financial gain. Dannii could easily record a 2020 Dannii album without loads of cash but it is how much she wants to do it and I'm guessing she just fills her life with her other ventures.
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  7. I'm sure her other ventures also provide her with a much more stable income as well.

    Her last words on the matter of music were really very finite - making it clear she has no plans for anything new. She described her Mardi Gras performance to have been a bit traumatic as she was really unwell in the lead up and during the performance. It was just a very different tone for how she spoke about it and it was really the first time I've ever heard her speak about music and performing a negative and dismissive way.

    I'm probably reading too much into it, but I feel like she may have made a bit of a loss on Galaxy and it probably left a sour taste in her mouth. Had it been a better song that made a bit more of an impact, I think we would have seen more music following as she had definitely recorded more music at the time she recorded Galaxy and Holding On.

    I guess it's sometimes hard for an artist to see their own material for what it really is. I'm sure she had a lot of people around her telling her that Galaxy was really it and I'm sure we can all say looking back that it really wasn't. If it was something she was truly happy with and it was a big loss her, I guess that has to be a big confidence killer.
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  8. She seems really proud of her catalogue considering all the "danniiversaries" in social media. She even had a post when Galaxy turned a year or two. I guess that's a good sign, but it doesn't mean that she wants to make new music.

    I love Dannii, but I have to agree on the quality control. Galaxy was okay, but Holding On was certainly not.
  9. I’ll never understand why we ne her got the Radio Edit of Summer Of Love...
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  10. Surely one of her finest moments...

  11. Next Friday!
  12. I’m sure from what I remember he mentioned a song called “Back In Love” which was never mentioned again; but I assumed perhaps this was actually a mistake and it was the track “Hurt In Love” which appeared on Unleashed with No Romeo.

    EDIT: There was also a track called “Star” that was done with Terry Ronald and Ian Masterson that Terry said himself on the Dannii forum if it wasn’t released on the album he would ask Dannii if he can share it with the fans... it’s still never seen the light of day obviously.

    He or Nathan also said that an Extended Version of “I’ve Been Waiting For You” which would be included on the album.

    I don’t recall there being a Single Mix made for Gone... but I remember there being confirmation of a Single Remix of “Love Fight” which Nathan was trying to persuade AATW to release as a Double A-Side single with “I Cant Sleep At Night (Afterlife Mix)” after Dannii had performed it on a TV show and it got a good response.

    There was a Beyond / Club Disco megamix which featured a beefed up “Love Fight” but it was never confirmed if this was made from the Single Mix or if this was simply party of the Megamix mixing. Not even too sure where the Megamix came from but I have it from the time.
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  13. Back In Love was the one! Thank you! This might be a stretch, but I don't actually think it was a mix up. Dannii was working with Agent X (now known as LDN Noise) during this time and they wrote a track called Back In Love which shows up on all the publishing sites without a performer and I can't find any reference to a release. Back in Love was co-written by Jenna Gibbons who also did a lot of work with The Shapeshifters. Speaking of - was the Lola's Theme rumour ever confirmed?

    I specifically remember there being mention of a 7" mix of Gone because they were both up for the lead single from The Hits & Beyond, but So Under Pressure won. There was also the dub mix of Gone done by Lee Monteverde that he leaked on Soundcloud.

    I remember the talk of Star. It was considered for Unleashed, but the reason it never saw the light of day was because the lyrics were harsh commentary on pop stardom and they didn't think it would be fit to release with Dannii's mentor role on X-Factor. I remember it was also said to be similar in style to Viva L'Amour, but Viva L'Amour won out for the track list.

    I'm certain it was confirmed that there wasn't a single mix of Love Fight. It was just speculation because of the suggestions Nathan put forward to AATW and then shared on the forum. I don't think a single mix was ever commissioned.
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  14. From what I remember Dannii was the Queen of declining hits. She was offered:
    Toca’s miracle - Fragma
    Believe - Cher
    Lola’s theme
    i can’t remember, but one of the Freemason’s hits also.

    She would have have been phenomenal on all those songs.
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  15. I had never heard of her being offered the Fragma track.

    She wrote a track with Freemasons called Extremes, but they never finished it.

    She was also offered The Teamsters' track Shake It Off. She wrote and recorded new vocals for it in 2007, but it never got a release.

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  16. I wonder what songs she’s declined in the last few years, especially during X Factor days, that she turned down. I know Darren Hayes sent her heaps of material to her management, but Darren never heard back (the shade).
  17. Could Darren possibly just throw these songs out there? He’s another popstar I miss!
  18. Darren offered Dannii No More Tears on the Dancefloor which was eventually recorded by Steps. It was co written by Carl Falk who was one of the producers of Love Fight and I'm Sorry.
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  19. He offered her a fair bit. He started writing some stuff with Dannii in mind, and wanted to work with her for her next album. Darren is a massive Dannii fan.

    He probably would have done a great job. But she picked things like “summer of love” and “holding on”.
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  20. From memory I think it was Lola’s Theme she was offered - maybe from her autobiography- I’ll have to check?

    Dannii’s music career no longer being a thing makes me sad. She really was a great pop star and could have a career on the level of someone like Louise or Sophie Ellis Bextor.
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