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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by euroboy, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Ah thanks I wasn’t aware of the Gone Dub Mix or the additional information on “Star”... if she’s quitting music surely she might as well have this track shared now.

    I found the Megamix on YouTube for those who hadn’t heard it.

    The extra beats in the intro and verse sound to me like a possible Remix with the additional bits in the chorus being more of a segue of one of the other tracks in the mix, but I could be wrong.

    Not sure of any information regarding the credits to the Megamix, but I’m 90% sure it was official and came out towards the end of 2006.
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  2. I think whoever mixed that just added an extra snare to the intro that doesn't match with the snare used through the rest of the track along with some of the whispered bits from I Can't Sleep At Night's acapella and the isolated beats from the extended mix of Perfection under the chorus.
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  3. Found it’s origin... its called “Hits & Beyond Megamix” and was released on a JoyFM compilation in Australia by Central Station.

    Another thing I recall, was that So Under Pressure had been mashed-up with an iconic 80s track akin to Begin To Spin and Lose This Groove, but it never materialised due to the rights owner not giving permission for its use... was it ever revealed what track that was? Because I’m surprised there hasn’t been an Unofficial Bootleg mix of it at least.
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  4. Yeah I remember Terry Ronald said So under pressure had a kick ass bootleg, and would be come with the music video. I remember asking for a long long time for this, and eventually stopped.

    I remember someone said it was possibly a Prince song, but wasn’t sure.
  5. I always thought that So Under Pressure was structured similarly to I Would Die 4 U and I could picture a mashup working pretty well.
  6. The tweetalong for Girl last night has been Epic! Dannii and Terry Ronald also joined in. Such a fun experience!
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  7. What were your main takeaways (if you can’t be assed don’t worry)? I know I could just find it.
  8. They been both really nice and generous with memories and pics form the era
  9. - Steve Anderson's favourite version of 'All I Wanna Do' is the Trouser Enthusiasts Mix
    - Dannii on 'Heaven Can Wait': 'This is a late night driving song - I remember I loved driving around London in my drop-top with the roof down, or on my motorbike - with all the pirate music stations playing loud - that is where I fell in love with drum & bass'
    - Brendan Minogue's vocals feature on 'Everybody Changes Underwater'
    - Steve called the Trouser Enthusiasts Brittlestar Requiem Mix of 'Disremembrance' 'the true masterpiece of the collection - beyond epic in every possible way' and Terry Ronald said Ian Masterton had a 'near breakdown' trying to get the mix right. Ian said 'Omg it was impossible to mix. That’s what happens when you have a 56 piece orchestra and then 30 tracks of synths beats and backing vocals '
    - Dannii said of 'Coconut' that 'the UK record company didn’t want this song on the album - the compromise was a hidden track - Australia did a release though... Long story...I had been bitten by a spider and I needed to go to actual hospital the day I was due to write a new song. I recorded this cover 2 get over the pain as soon as I left the hospital! I am forever scared of these little creepy insects now!'

    She also said she would love to release 'Girl' on vinyl, and quipped that it was fitting because she 'looked quite plastic' back then!

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  10. Girl is Dannii’s masterpiece. I know Neon Nights was more successful and popular but it’s nudged into 2nd place for me. 1997 just has so many memories for me and this album defines that period.
  11. I agree! Girl was Dannii’s first and last peak as a “creative and artistic artist”. It’s her best album, and the one I listen to the most. I think it was just too mature for the young gen back then. As well as it was ahead of time. NN has now become my second favourite album, but listen more to the singles lately.
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  12. Having revisited Girl recently, I do agree it’s highlights are brilliant. The experimental tracks would be welcome if the album was fuller. But given the albums short length they really do just come across as filler. Plus it’s glaringly obvious what songs are singles on the album.

    Girl is a good album but would have been great if it was simply a big longer with more surprises on. You know? It really does just feel a bit rushed overall.

    And that’s why Neon Nights is her best album. Packed full of quality songs and some of the singles were interchangeable
  13. Girl is too short, and agree with that. The singles should have been:

    All I wanna do
    So in love with yourself
    Am I dreaming or someone new
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  14. Neon Nights is probably my favourite. It's just so effortlessly cool. Girl is a very close second, although it's a little too noisy at times and I will never forgive her for including/releasing Everybody Changes Underwater and If It Moves - Dub It. Club Disco has remnants of a good album and requires a little trimming to be up there with her greatests.
  15. Someone New and Keep Up With The Good Times both deserved a spot on the album. Take If It Moves Dub It off and make that a b side. Then you got a 10/10 album with 12 tracks (including the bonkers Coconut).

    I change my mind often on this but the singles run ideally should’ve been;

    All I Wanna Do
    Someone New
    Everything I Wanted/It’s Amazing
    Heaven Can Wait
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  16. I love the experimental songs. It maintains the album’s mood. Swapping them for Someone New and Keep Up With The Good Times would make it too brash and upset the tone.
  17. Coconut, If it moves , and movin up are the only rubbish tracks on the perfect album.

    I’d take those out, and add more finished tracks and take it to 14-15 tracks.
  18. 'Heaven can wait' should have been the second single. Listening to it now, it sounds a bit like Girls Aloud's 'Here we go'. The seeds were definitely sewn with Girl for the Girls Aloud sound.
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  19. That was the original plan, not sure why it was changed. Some of the tracks that ended up on the wonderful deluxe reissue just weren’t ready for release date hence If It Moves Dub It being on the main album. They already were losing momentum, I think All I Wanna Do being a big hit took them by surprise and they weren’t on time to capitalise. I really like the album version of Everything I Wanted but the Xenomania edit shouldn’t been the single version. I guess Dannii was into her drum n bass at the time hence the Metro edit being the single version.
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  20. To me heaven can’t wait wasn’t single worthy.

    everything I wanted was flat, both radio and album version. The Xenomania remix was hot as and should have been the main single. It matched very well with all I wanna do, and featured on a lot of dance cds. I even remember there was an edit of the track with the video, which i can’t find anywhere. I remember the kids in school saying the main version was boring, but the dance version was way better.
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