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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by euroboy, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Grr looks like there was an edit but it’s no longer available in the uk! 1928E20C-D686-4DB7-9438-A3C9E49254B7.jpeg
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  2. That edit is the same version on the original CD, that is its name.

    I much prefer the Radio Cut II version and was disappointed none of the reissues included it but I do adore the Unleashed version even if it’s chorus basically copies the same energy as “I Begin To Wonder”.
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  3. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Girl is easily her best album and most fleshed out release, especially with how the more experimental tracks fit into the tracklisting. It's genuinely great.

    Someone New deserved to be on the standard and as a single.

  4. Same. The extended version of that mix is fantastic too. Especially the synth swirl over pause just before the last chorus.

    What's really frustrating that the names of all the mixes on Spotify don't appear to be in sync with the original CD single.

    I've got "Radio Cut II" saved on my iTunes as Late Night Radio Version but it's probably "Radio Cut" from the CD
    I think that the version on Neon Nights 2007 is the "Radio Version" on the CD single
    I think that "Late Night Radio Cut" is same as "Late Night Radio Version" on the CD single.
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  5. YES! The extended version is indeed THE ONE.

    And yes, I remember this! I so desperately wanted that German CD single at the time but alas could never score it though someone was nice enough to upload it since digital outlets weren’t putting it up.

    You are correct in thinking CDS Radio Cut = Radio Cut II, and the version on the reissue of Neon Nights is indeed the Radio Version (easily the worst version). There’s only one “Late Night Radio” version, and it’s different to the similarly titled “Late Night Session Mix” (which is disappointing as this mix is pretty sweet).

    There was also a Vinyl mix with elements of “Maniac” from Flashdance (but wasn’t a mashup).
    EDIT: If memory serves me correctly, this was the original “Extended version” from the first vinyl release.

    Oh and the Pure Dub was another Vinyl exclusive which I hadn’t heard until today haha:
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  6. I've had the Pure Dub vinyl for years. It's so good, especially that piano breakdown. I'm pretty sure it was on the very first vinyl release.

    The original extended mix with the Maniac elements was from the second vinyl release along with a different dub that took elements from the Pure Dub, but it had more of an electro clash sound.
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  7. Speaking of bad labelling, the absolute riot that is the Don't Wanna Lose This Feeling/Groove on Spotify etc
    Also, is the original mix of ...Feeling still on digital or has it gone since the single mix superceded it?
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  8. The album version was the best version and it has been completely removed from streaming.
  9. I would love to hear what Initial Talk could come up with for Dannii. I love their production on Bright Light Bright Light's This Was My House. It feels very much within Dannii's wheelhouse.

  10. 4B2C7821-58BE-41DA-AB49-FF988988CAE7.jpeg I still strongly feel this should have been the Neon Nights cover. For me it captures everything about the album. Does anyone know the Neon Night font?
  11. And it’s in neon colours. The cover is rather dull for the title of the album
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  12. A album named Neon Nights with a neon aesthetic is a little on the nose, no?
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  13. Her 1990-1992 Oz singles chart runs that may of interest to chart freaks...

    Dannii 'Love and Kisses':

    Dannii 'Success':

    Dannii 'I Don't Wanna Take This Pain':
    101-92-(2 week Xmas break)-94-98-114-125

    Dannii 'Jump To the Beat':

    Dannii 'Baby Love':

    Dannii 'Show You the Way To Go':
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  14. Were Jump to the beat and Baby love not on the original Dannii album? Was it re-packaged with those added to it at a later date? And was it the album mixes or the single versions?
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  15. Wow I didn’t realise she did that badly in Oz.
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  16. They were not, those two were made for the Love and Kisses version of her debut.
  17. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Neon Nights >>>
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  18. I was relistening to this yesterday to cherry pick for my Dannii playlist but there is no filler here ma'am. Its quality is consistent.

    I only wish Spotify had the superior two versions of It Won't Work Out though.
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  19. I remember at the time Dannii and co said Neon Nights went gold in Australia. And Hits and beyond went silver in the Uk. Were we able to ever confirm this?
  20. It just occurred to me that I Can't Sleep At Night's production sounds a bit like a faster paced Dare by Gorillaz. The drum synth sounds the same, the squelchy bass is similar to the album mix and that plucky little synth lead in the verses is similar too.

    This shouldn't be surprising as Jewels & Stone (now known as The Alias) also seemed to take significant inspiration from Tube & Berger's Straight Ahead for Sunrise.
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