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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by euroboy, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Dannii and her sister will make a guest appearance on Ru Paul’s drag race down under.
    The Minogue sisters earning the coin.
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  2. I Begin To Wonder was the lipsync song on this week's Drag Race Down Under.
  3. Ah-ma-ZING.
  4. It's a shame the lip sync wasn't :S
  5. I Begin To Wonder is the gift that just keeps on giving, both the original and the mashup with You Spin Me Round
  6. Put the needle on it should have been used instead.
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  7. Or All I Wanna Do.
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  8. Actually touch me like that would have been perfect.
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  9. It was terrible! It's no fault of the song. The track is fierce, especially that spoken middle 8. Karen and Anita looked like two awkward aunts who reluctantly stepped onto the dancefloor at a family wedding.
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  10. It’s quite a fast song. Would be difficult to sing as well as lip sync.
  11. I don’t know I feel it didn’t work. Also maybe it was the volume
    Of the song wasn’t that great as the song usually has a thumping sound.
  12. “I Begin To Wonder” shouldn’t be any more difficult to lip-sync, you either do it straight or you make a mockery of how fast the verses are.
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  13. This. Drag Race have served far higher bpm tracks in the past. Shame neither really served a decent performance.
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  14. All I Wanna Do was RIGHT THERE.
  15. My family in Australia says there is some vaccine hesitancy there, so we should start a petition for Dannii to do a PSA featuring....

    Put The Needle On It

    I'll see myself out...
  16. brilliant idea!
  17. Song publishing entries have been popping up for (not new) songs written or performed by Dannii. The latest entry is called 'Hard to Breathe'. The work ID number on APRA AMCOS places it after Touch Me Like That, but before 'Cos You're Beautiful'. There are also 5 other songs that appeared with obfuscated titles. None of these new entries indicate who wrote the songs. It looks like they were tracks that Dannii was working on while on X Factor UK. Dannii confirmed she was working with Freemasons in Dec 2009. She was also working with Wez Clarke, Nathan Boddy and of course, Ian and Terry. Dannii still wrote and recorded well into her pregnancy as shown on Style Queen in August 2010.

    For reference:

    You Won't Forget About Me GW33664040 (released late 2004)
    Perfection GW34029227 (released late 2005)
    So Under Pressure GW34197884 (released mid 2006)
    Touch Me Like That GW35973626 (released late 2007)

    AU01794238TRACK00001 GW37000355
    AU01794238TRACK00002 GW37000356
    AU01794238TRACK00003 GW37000357
    AU01794238TRACK00004 GW37000358
    AU01794238TRACK00005 GW37000359
    Hard To Breathe GW37170453

    Cos You're Beautiful GW43091929 (recorded 2010, released 2013)
    Summer Of Love GW47472058 (released early 2015)
    100 Degrees GW48623330 (released late 2015)
    Holding On GW49967841 (released mid 2017)
    Galaxy GW52830280 (released late 2017)
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  18. I knew that I've Been Waiting For You was a Neon Nights leftover, but I had no idea it was first published around the same time as Hide and Seek, It Won't Work Out and Just Can't Give You Up. The original versions of these tracks were written during the initial Neon Nights sessions. That's post Who Do You Love Now and pre-Put The Needle On It. The brief was still clearly poppy-prog-house at that point in time. I'd love to hear an early version of I've Been Waiting For You. It's crazy to think the song was like 3 years old when it was remixed and released for the Perfection b-aide, yet Dannii never recorded the lead vocal in the chorus.
  19. Come Dannii and give us a fresh new quality album.
  20. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Track by Track will be going over Love and Kisses!
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