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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by euroboy, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. So what are the upcoming Dannii confirmed projects:
    - some cartoon thing with Kyle S and Zac Effron
    - Cameo in a movie
    - A television series she auditioned for, but has remained quiet

    Anyone know anything else?

    Please no fashion news haha
  2. ^ More Diamonique gold plated treasures for QVC no doubt...
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  3. Looks like the Rose Byrne film is definitely happening.
  4. I'm guessing coloured vinyls of Dannii's first three albums is too much to ask for this year?
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  5. Saw this on Twitter, absolutely cracking TOTP performance.

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  6. I don't know why she talks down her dancing abilities so much. She's clearly no Janet Jackson, but she can move!

    Afterlife's latest EP came up in my recommendations and it made me want another Take Me Inside. Always had a soft spot for that track and would love more of Dannii purring spaced out lyrics over loungey beats.
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  7. It seems in general Dannii lost a lot of her feisty attitude over the years. She is a great dancer and singer. All the knocks over the years have clearly affected her confidence in performing which is a real shame. I’d love to see her return - if Louise can tour and record a great new album after so long in the wilderness Dannii can too. But she must want to do this…..
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  8. I would love that so much but you hit the nail on the head, Dannii just doesn't want to anymore. If she makes her money from TV and fashion these days why would she want to relaunch her pop career when even Kylie isn't having hits anymore. She could easily hit up BMG and get a record deal and do a modest tour but the fire in her regarding her music career is gone.
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  9. Yes sad but true but I guess the benefit is the £££ is now in touring. So would be great to see her do her thing (I mean the Pride performances and support slots for Take That and Culture Club from a few years back we’re wonderful). Also she’d be more likely to have a “hit” album in the current climate as per most of her contemporaries from her era. Singles no, but a week or 2 in the Top 20 is not beyond her if the music was great.
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  10. I would love a Dannii tour, she has such a strong discography and I've never seen her live. I'm not a Louise fan but my other half dragged me along to her tour last year and I'm quite sure Dannii could fill similar sized venues.
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  11. Yep she could for sure or even just play some of the summer pop festivals…. That way wouldn’t disrupt Ethan’s school and education. A little trip to the UK once a year!
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  12. Festivals or Prides is a good shout. I would kill to see this live!

  13. I saw her at Manchester. Despite me being well under the influence by that time she was phenomenal adding a bonus performance of Love Fight between the 2 sections of the extended medley. The atmosphere was electric. I believe she was literally straight on a flight back to Oz after the performance after a drunken chat with Jeremy Joseph asking if Dannii would be joining the party afterwards (I wish!)
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  14. I saw her at Manchester pride as well and she was on fire. She can still perform when she wants to (look at her performance with Kylie at the Albert Hall). It's in her DNA.

    I could see her doing a 90s tour with the likes of Gina G and going down a storm.
  15. I like that idea
  16. Get Whigfield on the bill and I'm there.
  17. The 90s club disco tour

    Gina G
    Alison Limerick
    Kym Sims

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  18. Deuce ft Mandy
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  19. Dannii has said many times that her son is her priority, and music is just for fun now. Dannii said she does not want to commit to music cause of the demands, and what's involved in making a record. I know other singer's manage both parenthood and music, but it seems Dannii would prefer to be 100% present for Ethan (respectable). She wants to give Ethan the parenting she has had, which is a parent being present and hardly away. She does not want nanny's for her boy, and or jetting him all over the world.

    I also believe she has lost confidence, but she prefers to be Dannii the mum, fashion designer, and tv star.

    Personally, I just want Dannii the popstar back......but I understand her parental decisions.

    Whenever I hear Neon Nights and Girl I just think 'ughhhhhhhh so much more to give'.
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  20. Received a DM asking for this and will post them here too:

    Since the original The Early Years won't fit a single CD, I revised the tracklisting, replacing "Attitude" (album version) with that rare "Work" (7" mix) and edited track 20 "This is it" (Murk 7") to make it a little shorter. You'll find everything you need here, including the audio. Also replaced "Until We Meet Again" (album version) with "No Secret" (rare b-side)

    I've added the original art too in case you want to burn two CDs! Please send me pictures of the final result. I'd love to see!


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