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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by euroboy, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Interesting trivia: "All I Wanna Do" was one of the first five CD singles to eligible to chart in the UK with an enhanced section. The first was Cold Cut's "More Beats & Pieces", followed a week later by four singles: Feeder's "Crash" (with digital photos rather than a video), N-Trance "The Mind of a Machine", Suede's "Filmstar" and Dannii's single, which also means by default it's the first Top 5 charting-single with a video track.
  2. I’ve just noticed that has been added to Spotify! Nice to see some mixes now on streaming that weren’t part of the neon nights deluxe editions… wonder if anymore eps are going to be put up?
  3. At some point the other Girl singles will go up.
  4. Amazing news, thanks!
  5. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I think that's the first time the album version has been on streaming, no? Either way, nice to have!
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  6. I think it was on the non-deluxe edition as it had some streams already when the EP was added. The album version just wasn't on the deluxe editions.
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  7. I was on the standard version of Neon Nights which disappeared from digital a few years ago. The numbers will just be ported over from that file. I'm also really happy that they re-uploaded Neon Nights with the track titles for "Feeling" and "Groove" fixed.
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  8. Apparently AATW will be adding their entire catalogue to streaming services intentionally soon. Hopefully that means Club Disco in Australia! I would also love to see the original You Won't Forget About Me mixes instead of just the 2010 mixes and the I Can't Sleep At Night mixes. We have everything else from that era already, I think.
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  9. Hopefully we'll see the album version of It Won't Work Out as well then.
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  10. I guess that means we'll finally see So Under Pressure too! I wonder if this means Club Disco will be added internationally too?
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  11. The extended "So Under Pressure" is a delight.
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  12. Not sure on this. There have been two batches of AATW backcat. One lot in 2019 another earlier this year. When I enquired about Dannii there was a question mark on it.

    I mentioned the errors on the Dannii tracks, hence the titles being corrected
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  13. Now that Sydney is back in lockdown, I have made the decision to spend the remainder of 2021 manifesting a Girl vinyl set for the 25th anniversary next year.

    We also need remix EPs of all the Girl singles on streaming platforms, including Coconut with the Heaven Can Wait mixes and full length Someone New.

    I need the Xenomania Dreamhouse mix of All I Wanna Do on my Spotify playlists.

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  14. I believe digital releases of the Girl singles are planned
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  15. Has this been officially released somewhere? (or as a promo?). Only the full length 9-minute version came up on Discogs.
    It's fairly similar to the Flexifingers Radio Edit, both are great.
  16. Even though I did not play it often in the past years, the single version of Disremembrance is still such a banger, and takes me back to 1997 instantly whenever I hear it. The Girl era was so, so good
  17. I don't have my copy close to check, but it could be the version on this.
  18. Has anyone been tuning in to Dannii's 90's podcast thing?
  19. Wasn't this the version on this the original version.

  20. Yes, that's the version on The Platinum Collection. It's hideous and I understand why it remains unreleased.
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