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Dannii Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by euroboy, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Her profile was so high by her third and fourth X Factor seasons and it was great that the public really warmed to her and were finally shown a fair representation of her. The Dannii/Cheryl years were definitely the highest point the X Factor reached, the papers were obsessed with them and they were much bigger than the contestants.
  2. 2009-2010 was certainly Dannii's peak popularity in the UK: one of the most loved X Factor judges, pregnancy, autobiography, style book, many magazine covers, high profile Piers Morgan interview and even a three part ITV2 series dedicated to her.
  3. Grazia in 2008-2010 posting Fashion War "Who Wore It Best" articles during the run-up to and airing of X Factor

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  4. We still need that vinyl of 'Girl'...........
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  5. Good Times is such a great track. I think I prefer the version on The Hits & Beyond for the tidier production, extra harmonies and subtle ad-libs at the end. The contrast between the breathy vocals throughout and that belt in the middle 8 is just Perfek-shun.

    Does anyone still have the demo version? The version on Club Disco takes most of the vocals from the demo, but the middle 8 demo is much more belty.
  6. I like that we have 2 versions, it's a great track in any format

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  7. Whilst on a creative phase I decided to take this track from '93 and remix. I hope you like (and apologies some of the vocal splitting isn't the best)
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  8. I wish more official acapellas of Dannii tracks existed!
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  9. I know....I think the only official ones I have are
    This Is It and Love & Kisses
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  10. We are never getting a new album, but surely it is time for some Dannii EPS Ms Minogue.
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  11. She could recreate the sounds of past eras with each EP. New Jack Swing for EP1. 90s house for EP2. Trance and eurodance for EP3. 80s and electro-pop for EP4. Disco and 00s house for EP5.
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  12. She still seems very focussed on being a mum and wanting to be around for her son. She did a podcast just last year where she stated as much. I highly doubt we will get new music from her anytime soon.
  13. I am sure she's got some experiments laying around that could come together as a "from the vaults... the 2010-2020 sessions"
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  14. BOOGIE WOOGIE too!
  15. There are all those recordings she did as the follow up to Neon Night before she moved over to All Around the World. Whether she'd have the rights or the interest in releasing them officially though is another question.

    I had put together a nice playlist on my iTunes back in the day which sounded very nice, including some of the tracks from Unleashed.

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  16. Rescue Me and Boogie Woogie?! This kind of trumps the Steps news for me today!
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  17. I am over the moon that Boogie Woogie is finally on streaming! I love it in all it's Whigfield ripoff glory.
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  18. Dannii proving herself the real Minogue who is Queen of the gays.
  19. Wow at the puppy fat comment. Just. Wow.

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