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Dannii Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by euroboy, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. He would have been dropped from his network if that happened these days. Sadly, it's not the only inappropriate or damaging thing an interviewer has said to her over the years.
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  2. Yes, and when Dannii started to get fed up with the line of questioning and comments over time she was branded defensive and having a chip on her shoulder. She couldn’t win. Same thing happened with Samantha Fox a few years earlier.
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  3. 90s media was Brutal on Dannii. It was really sad to see. She copped flack for not being skinny, and then got dragged for being skinny. She couldn’t do anything right the poor love. It seems X Factor, while a nightmare, really got to show the public how down to earth and simple Dannii is.
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  4. X Factor definitely made the public warm to Dannii after all those years.

    I've been watching a lot Dannii interviews on YouTube recently and it's pretty hard watching her in almost every one having to talk about Kylie and Kylie's career. From Love and Kisses right up until her last music releases she rarely gets an opportunity to just have it about her. Very sad.
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  5. There's the story in her autobiography of Chris Moyle's saying out on air "don't worry, it's just Dannii Minogue" (can't remember the context and I don't have the book on hand to recheck, it's in storage). A quick google of both their names shows that Chris was eager to join in Sharon's public bashing of Dannii after the Graham Norton appearance (which was the point where I stopped being an Osbourne fan).
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  6. In life you sometimes just don't get on with people. If you're a professional, in the industry you work in, you deal with that in a dignified manner, which I feel Dannii always did/has etc. The Sharon Osbourne thing was such a shame as I used to really like Sharon up until that point.
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  7. I was a massive Sharon fan. I had both autobiographies and watched The Osbournes as a feel-good TV regular thing. Then as her attacks on Dannii continued, I just felt, wait a minute. I just think there's a deeply nasty person under there, which she covered up for years by repeating that she's just a fierce mama bear for her family and that she needed to be ruthless to do her job. She's convinced herself that she's a national treasure and that a Sharon outburst is just part of her TV gold repertoire. The last year or so with Sharon feels like I was right.

    Also in fairness, I don't think Dannii was entirely innocent, there was probably some gleeful button pushing going on from Dannii (and Simon) when Sharon started getting wound up. It's very easy to escalate a bad work situation with minor tit for tat and then it go out of control and someone ends up losing their cool.
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  8. Agree, but I also think Dannii handled the aftermath much better than Sharon. Whenever she's been asked about the situation she always discusses it in a very mature fashion.
  9. Does anyone know which shot of Liza Minnelli they referenced for the Neon Nights album cover?
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  10. Dannii should do Mighty Hoopla 2023
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  11. Dannii would be perfect for Hoopla! They played "Don't Wanna Lose This Groove" before Steps came on. The crowd loved it!
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  13. It's a real shame any kind of confidence she had in making and performing music was knocked from her by the media and public being knobs to her because she is different enough from Kylie and talented in her own right for them both to thrive.
    I'd love more from her and to see her do some one off shows. A large part of her discography is on repeat for me. Pop girls today WISH they had the likes of Put The Needle On It, Hide & Seek, All I Wanna Do or Disrememberance in their catalogue.
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  14. Dannii's core issue with music was that she had an instant high profile that thrived in the tabloids (UK-wise). It wasn't really connected to being a pop star. She's arguably found 2 styles that did strike a chord, but weren't properly followed through. This is just my opinion of course, but Xeonomania and JCA really projected her perfectly and in the most undeniable fashion. She cushioned these collaborations really well (Metro on the Gewl album and that non-Madge single edit of Don't Wanna Lose This Feeling really delivers, proving there really is a knack for a high pop aesthetic there when given the right direction.

    Yes it's a mega shame that she lost her nerve when given the chance to do Touch Me Like That on the X. It really would have needed to have been the most all-out extravaganza to off-set the toxic twosome she would have faced with Shaz and the other one. I mean, a gigantic stiletto and tribute to The Stud and The Bitch on a level that would have had people like me carried out in a stretcher would have been beyond epic. Anyway, she really dilluted her career away with those bootleg dregs and ready-made instrumentals, but AATW were not one for more than one single at a time and hope for the best scenarios. I liked the Sia hand-me-down she bagged herself. If she could ever stomach opening for Kylie it could be the best opportunity for the most ultimate Dannii Danielle Jane Danoushkafestivalen Minogue concert she could have ever dreamed of.
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  15. I hated that she didn’t perform “Touch Me Like That” on the X-Factor. It just felt so defeatist from someone I looked up to.
  16. Did she perform Touch Me Like That anywhere?
  17. She performed in once in Australia in 2008 at the MAC Gold Party. It was recorded, but the footage never surfaced anywhere.
  18. There was no way Dannii could have got up and performed in front of the gruesome twosome of Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh, they would have torn her to shreds on live television just for shits and giggles.

    It was a shame she didn't perform on The X Factor when Cheryl was there who would have been more supportive but she couldn't have set herself up for that public humiliation in front of the other two.
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  19. I think she always put her role as judge above being a pop star while doing the show and didn’t want to overlap the two. Plus I think she’d have maybe been more inclined if she were promoting an upcoming official album release as opposed to an AATW standalone single.
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