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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by euroboy, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. She barely performed it in the video! Ahh bless DJM.
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  2. The wig did the work!
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  3. I really wish the track she did with Morjac aka Teamsters leaked. The original was called Shake it Off. I think Dannii's vocal version was called You Know What It Feels Like and was meant to come out as a standalone single in late 2006/early 2007 after AATW refused to release anything else from The Hits & Beyond and He's The Greatest Dancer was then allegedly canned as the Children In Need single. It was not a good time for Dannii's music career.

    The Morjac instrumental was everything Perfection should have been with that very specific mid-00s disco-house sound but with some pop-friendly Scandinavian sheen. AATW still licensed the original and released it in 2007. For unknown reasons, Dannii's version was canceled. I vaguely recall there being some drama between AATW and Morjac's label. We got Touch Me Like That later in the year instead.

    I guess in some ways, it sounds like a regression to what Dannii was doing in 2004/5. I just think it's better produced than Flower Power or Turn Me Upside Down by a long shot. A lot of what was missing from the Club Disco tracks was that gloss that a lot of the tracks on Neon Nights had.

    Nina Woodford wrote the topline for You Know What It Feels Like with Dannii (and also I Will Come To You). She said she loved the song a lot.

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  4. So many missed opportunities and unfortunate timing with Dannii. Imagine if she was releasing Neon Nights alongside her X factor judging position? The Neon Nights medley performed on X Factor?! That would of been her moment.
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  5. Not far off Michael Gray's The Weekend in terms of style. What was the real tea on Dannii not singing Lola's Theme (which I've always imagined would have been called Dannii's Theme)? The rumour was she turned it down because the producers were unknown, but surely not even DJ is that deluded?
  6. Dannii stated late last year on the This Is Disco podcast that she was never offered Lola's Theme. I don't think she'd worry about admitting to that mistake now. I also think she dispelled the Believe rumour as well - but I can't be sure.
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  7. “Lola’s Theme” (as it is now) wouldn’t suit her anyways.
  8. Oh what did she say about Believe? I mean, it was a soft rock song back in the early 90s so I don't judge her that harshly if she still heard it sounding like a song by The Beloved/INXS.
  9. Just that she was never offered it.
  10. Touch Me Like That is a good song I'm just not sure it was a great one and if she had performed it on The X Factor I don't know if it would have really been a hit? I suppose she wouldn't want to perform on The X Factor and have the single stall at no.15 or something. It would have been embarrassing. But then you wonder why they bothered to release it at all if they weren't going to properly push/promote it?
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  11. If I recall well at the time the excuse not to let her perform was that judges could not perform so that they would not overshadow contestants.
    The following year this rule changed for Cheryl (and Danni wasn’t that happy about it).
    I might be wrong but that is how I remember it…
  12. Actually Simon wanted Dannii to perform, but she was the one who said no. She said she wanted to keep it about the contestants. I used to have the video of Simon saying he asked Dannii to Perform but said no.

    I believe she said no for overall confidence, and Sharon and Louis. What a shame as I feel it would have boosted her music career to heights I never seen.
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  13. I remember really hoping I Can’t Sleep at Night would get a single release. It was great that Club Disco included the Late Night Mix…. I played that one a lot. Too bad the Roger Sanchez collab was left out. Yay record company politics.
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  14. I think 'Love Fight' and 'Sunrise' could have been great singles too. It's a shame Club Disco wasn't promoted as a proper album. I know some don't see it as one but it pretty much is. I love all those songs.
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  15. Club Disco is absolutely an album in my eyes - just one with a weird roll out. I'm so pleased with the product we eventually ended up with.
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  16. I'm glad some of these songs were not singles; they were just so weak compared to the Neon Nights hits. This is meant with love, but, AATW were a label which mainly excelled at cheap and tacky dance covers. I don't think Dannii should have gone anywhere near them.
  17. AATW were a great fit for Dame Kelly Llorenna, Dannii not so much.
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  18. Wasn't there a chapter on her book where she talked about a song she originally rejected and then became a huge radio hit?
  19. She talked about disliking All I Wanna Do when she first recorded it. Her team had to convince her it was right for her. She then had to eat humble pie when it became her biggest hit at that point. She said that
    with time she grew to love performing it. It's the perfect pop song.

    It's the one track she always nails live as well. Hearing it live with the original style production at her Hits & Beyond show in Sydney was the greatest moment of my life. It really is the perfect pop song.
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  20. This is the Dannii I love most. Witty and full of attitude!
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