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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by euroboy, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattitude.
  2. I love Kylie loving it just as much as we are.
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  3. I always wonder what would have happened if she followed another album not long after Neon Nights on London records.
  4. Isn't that what the new material on 'Unleashed' was - the music she had started recorded after Neon Nights? I remember people at the time hearing that and being disappointed.
  5. Oh yeah good point.
  6. There are two big issues with this assessment:

    1. The previously unreleased music on Unleashed was only a small portion of what she had recorded for those sessions. One track was a Neon Nights reject (Blame It On The Music). Tracks that I know exist from big-name producers and songwriters like Billy Steinberg and Kara DioGuardi were absent. A lot of the recording sessions were cut short as well. Dannii wrote with Metrophonic, Pete Boxta Martin, but I don't think they ever made it past very early stages.
    2. Most of the tracks we did get were unfinished; either still demos or unmixed. Nathan spoke on the old forum about how they had a guy remastering the tracks to make them sound more punchy.
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  7. This is true. Plus I think more unreleased songs were meant to be included at one stage but were unfinished or they couldn't get the rights to add them or something. It certainly doesn't reflect what the next album would have sounded like but I think people just assumed it wouldn't be as good as Neon Nights as it felt less coherent in terms of the soundscape. Some of them were more R&B tinged tracks etc.

    I actually love the Club Disco album and think it's the perfect follow up to Neon Nights. I wouldn't have wanted a Neon Nights part 2 as I think it was executed perfectly.

    It's all gone quiet since Dannii mentioned on that podcast last year about a song she was potentially recording. I wonder if it will ever materialise or if she got the bug and has secretly been recording more songs (one can dream).
  8. 4 tracks were pulled because the producers weren't budging on their asking price. I eventually got a hold of them and leaked them, but they weren't fully mixed. However, the final mix of Karma Is A Bitch leaked with the rest of The Platinum Collection.

    The recordings were half European style R&B pop like Body Language meets Scandalous era Mis-Teeq and half guitar driven pop somewhere between Appleton's Fantasy, something from White Lillies Island and Kelly Clarkson's Since U Been Gone. We only really got the R&B side of things on Unleashed.

    I also distinctly remember Dannii putting out a newsletter saying she was learning to play guitar at this time, so we might have just missed Dannii doing a Madonna and strumming some basic chords on stage for her "credibile" musician phase.

    There's two other tracks I've heard that are really really good - one's more r&b and the other is more 00's guitar pop. There's also one more JCA track we didn't get from this era. I've never heard it, but it's apparently great. Dannii co-wrote it with the guy that wrote the chorus and additional lyrics for Don't Wanna Lose This Feeling.
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  9. A song title popped up on publishing sites called You Won't Come Back At All written by Fordham D, Minogue D and Stewart. It was registered somewhere between Summer of Love (2015) and Holding on (2017).

    Does anyone know who these two writers are?
  10. Did anyone ever hear Message In A Bottle? A Kara DioGuardi co-write. All I remember well before Unleashed or the other leaked stuff (Karma, Fear of Flying etc) is that she promised "more sleaze".

    I actually thought Spend Your Love On Me could have been a Liberty X style hit for her, but the Pascal beaut No Romeo was by far my favourite even if it was never a single sadly. I really liked what we got - we just needed 2 or 3 more emphatic cuts for a run of singles to sell it.
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  11. I am loving all this info - keep up the good work!
  12. Oh well! Thanks so much for leaking them, I really like "Fear of Flying" and "Healing on the dancefloor", I love when fans like you get their hands on unreleased material and eventually share them with the rest ♥
  13. I never understood, nor read up, on why more songwriters and producers weren’t clamouring to work with her after Neon Nights. Put the Needle On It, Don’t Wanna Lose this Feeling and I Begin to Wonder were all pretty huge.
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  14. Dannii wrote in her biography how after the success of Who Do You Love Now, a lot of the writers and producers Kylie worked with offered her music and she turned it all down because she didn't want to just be Kylie 2.0.

    Eventually she did work with some of Kylie's collaborators on the follow up to Neon Nights and during the AATW years, namely:

    Kara DioGuardi
    Billy Steinberg
    Pascal Gabriel
    Felix Howard
    Lisa Greene
    Rob Davis
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  15. I think there was a lot of missed opportunity during the AATW era. Dannii could have jetted around with Hannah Robinson and written songs with the producers that were remixing her singles at the time rather than trying to find her next Stringer or getting pop producers to emulate house music of that era. Imagine original tracks with Sebastien Leger, Chris Lake, The Shapeshifters, Stonebridge and Haji & Emmanual.

    I can easily imagine Dannii owning any of these.

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  16. Most of the Unleashed tracks are worthy of a Neon Nights follow up, but I do agree there was one or two "hits" needed (and maybe they existed but didn't make the cut?). I always loved Weak most of all the leaked tracks.

    Spend Your Love on Me is probably the only one I'd have made a single from what we got, although I adore Undeniable, Going Going Gone, Hurt in Love... and pretty much all the others.
  17. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Between Unleashed, Hits & Beyond and Club Disco there was definitely material for at least one full era instead of all these 'not quite albums'.
  18. She started off well with You won't forget about me but Perfection killed any momentum she had. It's OK but Generic as hell.
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  19. Island

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    I love the way she says "off and on" in Love Fight! What a banger!
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