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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by euroboy, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. The trouble Dannii faced I seem to recall was a sudden media backlash against her, and primarily that radio refused to playlist “Love Fight” which is why it was cancelled from its announced single release for February/March 2005… which is then what led AATW to start chasing basically anything for her that radio would touch.

    I’m pretty sure had “Love Fight” been released, the album was supposed to follow it, so there must have been a planned completed album ready by then, if any insiders know more?

    (Thereafter, there always seemed to be the notion that should Dannii have a hit single, the album would be ready to release to follow it… until it was scrapped for The Hits & Beyond instead).
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  2. I don't remember seeing "Love Fight" on any pre-release lists, but "Can't Sleep at Night" was on them for a while then replaced with "Pefection".
  3. “Love Fight” was announced on the front page of Dannii’s official website back then, when it was just the “Latest News” front page before the full website went live.
  4. I don't have any recollection of that but it's quite possible that I had bookmarked the Dannii forum and just went in that way. If it didn't load I probably just went straight to SayHey or UKMix or whatever place I was getting my pop news circa 2004-5.
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  5. I don’t recall love fight ever being announced as a single officially. I know it was planned , and popjustice wrote rave reviews about it. But then it was dropped as radio didn’t want to support it for some ridiculous reason. Love fight and I can’t sleep at night were up in the air for a while.

    I still can’t understand why for the life of me ICSAN was picked as a single. It’s such a bland and forgettable song (apart from the trance remix).
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  6. It's one of my favourite songs of the era! I never understood the hate. It's like nu-disco of the early 2000s mashed with early Neptunes production flourishes like the guitar strums and bendy Korg Triton square synths. The backing vocals are also really oddly dissonant.
  7. This was wasted as a B-side

    It's one of the best things she ever did and better than the A-side. Should have been a single in its own right.
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  8. Absolutely! Great tune!
  9. Dannii and JCA made solid gold together.

    I always thought another JCA production would have been perfect for the Neon Nights era with a bit of work: Someday by Niki Haris.

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  10. This is amazing! Love a bit of Niki Harris. I can totally imagine that working for Dannii.
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  11. I don’t recall “Love Fight” being announced as a single either but a few people on the Dannii forum knew the song existed when the tracklist came out for the Hits & Beyond.

    Can’t see it, what is it?

    I hate it and am so thankful “Perfection” stopped that. I feel like it was only released (again) because it had a video and remixes already.
  12. It was Feel Like I Do, B-side to So Under Pressure.

    That and Love Fight are two of my absolute favourite Dannii songs, crazy neither one was a single.
  13. What are your top 10 Dannii songs?

    1. So Under Pressure
    2. All I Wanna Do
    3. Who Do You Love Now?
    4. So In Love With Yourself
    5. It Won't Work Out (Ross Callum Single Mix)
    6. Everything I Wanted (Metro 7" Edit)
    7. I Can't Sleep At Night
    8. Karma Is A Bitch
    9. Disremembrance (Trouser Enthusiasts Edit)
    10. Come And Get It
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  14. Ahh, what a tune. “Feel Like I Do” definitely shouldn’t have been a b-side but I do love “So Under Pressure”. I feel like they should’ve put “Feel Like I Do” on The Hits & Beyond while “I Can’t Sleep At Night” should’ve been a b-side.
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  15. Creep
    Love's On Every Corner
    Don't Wanna Lose This Feeling
    Everything I Wanted
    So Under Pressure
    Love Fight
    I Begin To Wonder
    Put The Needle On It
    On The Loop
    Baby Love
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  16. In no particular order:

    This Is the Way
    Disremembrance (single version)
    On the Loop
    Don't Wanna Lose This Feeling/Groove
    Karma Is a Bitch
    You Won't Forget About Me
    Feel Like I Do
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  17. Love & Kisses
    Jump To The Beat
    This Is It
    This Is The Way
    Everlasting Night (Original Version)
    I Begin To Wonder
    Don't Wanna Lose This Groove
    Feel Like I Do
    Love Fight
    Boogie Woogie (Club Mix)
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  18. The official news page operated more like a speculative fan site at that point. I can confirm I saw a news post about Love Fight being the next single on the main page. Bear in mind that this was after Nathan had mentioned the track on the forum and it had been described by a couple people “in the know”. There was a whole thread someone created that blew up when neither Love Fight, nor I Can’t Sleep At Night ended up being released. After that, the news page was very quiet until things were really in motion with a project.
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  19. Was I've Been Waiting For You planned as a single at some point, I think that's amongst my favourites.

    My top 10 in no order
    You Won't Forget About Me
    So Under Pressure
    Everlasting Night
    This Is It
    All I Wanna Do
    Everything I Wanted
    Baby Love
    I Begin To Wonder
    Just Can't Give You Up
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  20. I've Been Waiting For You was never planned as a single. I'm fact, it was written during the early Neon Nights sessions along with Hide and Seek and Just Can't Give You Up when the sound was still just, "Let's replicate Who Do You Love Now!" I believe it went through a few incarnations before settling in the piano house sound we got.

    I'm sad the 12" extended version never saw the light of day. It was promised for Club Disco, but never made it for some reason.
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