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Dannii Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by euroboy, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Agreed. Maybe more than the original.
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  2. Now that Beyonce has revived 1993 for the masses, it's perfect time for Dannii to show the girls how 90s house is done with an original EP.
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  3. Imagine if the production on Galaxy was as lush as this. I love Ian and what he's doing with Bananarama, but Galaxy could have been so much more.
  4. 'Galaxy' has grown on me a lot but it's still a bit under-developed in areas for sure.
  5. I'm on a bit of a Betty Boo rediscovery at the moment and more than a few interviews with her credit her with some Dannii Minogue songs - any ideas when and what titles this was?
  6. I read this once as well, but I cannot find a single Dannii track with her in the credits! She probably wrote a track that was never released.
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  7. I’m currently giving Girl deluxe a spin. What a great album!
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  8. Club Disco: according to Wiki, it’s Dannii 5th studio album. I always considered it as a collection, not a proper album… what do you think?
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  9. It's a collection of songs and remixes, not a studio album. Dannii Minogue has four studio albums (Love & Kisses, Get Into You, Girl and Neon Nights). It's no more a proper album than Unleashed.
  10. Wish it had been a proper album which had been released earlier and called Heavy Disco, like planned.
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  11. Is this the only Tiny Tim & The Mekon AIWD remix ?
  12. I don't consider it a proper album and I don't think it's sequenced like one either.
  13. Girl is her most creative, vocally diverse, and artistic body of work as an artist.

    Neon Nights is her most successful and signature album as a popstar.

    Love and kisses is her pop star debut + second successful album

    Get in to you is her forgotten album, and or American vibe album.

    1995, Unleashed, and Club Disco are budget collection releases (demos/remixes/ and songs being released for the fans)
  14. They were also both name dropped in the first episode of Ab Fab.
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  15. For me, it feels/sounds like an album. I get that it wasn't put together with that vision but I enjoy it just as much as the other music in her discography. It's not like Unleashed, which contained remixes of other singles to pad it out and other tracks left on the cutting room floor. Club Disco had more than enough songs to make an album and when it contains You Won't Forget About Me, Perfection, Under Pressure, Love Fight, I'm Sorry etc. it hardly sounds like 'left overs' like Unleashed did.
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  16. You could argue it's as much an album as Robyn's final Body Talk which collected bits of the two previous eps plus extra songs. Club disco is a document of that era in a similar way.
  17. Everything from hits and beyond was a fucking mess. I was so pissed off that finally after many years she had got it sort of right with Neon Nights. But sadly the delays, messy releases, and most of the songs just started to sound too cheap and dated. Things were looking so promising after Neon Nights, and there was finally some genuine respect for Dannii as a pop star….but that all went out the window. I’m still disappointed over it. But it is what it is, and times gone by. I was arguably one of the biggest Dannii fans growing up, and from memory the 3rd highest fan on her forum back in the day. Whereas now I’m just a casual fan and appreciate her music catalogue. She had so much potential!

    Club disco was just a basic quick cash grab + extended play of the hits and BEYOND. Not a quality studio 5th album.
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  18. Still a relatively new Stannii yet does anyone know if there is a DVD with all her music videos (preferably in order). Or does anyone know of any decent you tube video playlist for her?
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  19. [​IMG]

    Dannii Minogue – The Video Collection (2007, DVD) - Discogs

    One of my all time favourite music DVDs.
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  20. Might want to check out my recent Dannii doc too:

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