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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by euroboy, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Dannii gave up on music during X Factor days.
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  2. I can understand it but I don’t like it. Dannii had a solid enough chart run for an artist of her time (if Kylie comparisons weren’t used). But…. She never had an easy ride - multiple labels, lengthy gaps between albums, money issues. So if she makes her living with fashion and TV so be it. I like that she is proud of her music and it would be a dream to see her live someday again. But if her drive to record isn’t there then so be it. Ironically it’s easier today to release independently but she would need to invest both personally and financially so I get why she doesn’t.
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  3. I did pay $70 for Delta a few years back, but if there is indeed a UK pressing coming I'll wait.
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  4. Island

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    It’s hard to find a good, well-researched fan podcast, but the This Is Disco podcast is genuinely great for stans and casual fans. Their previous episode that Dannii guested on was also super charming and fun.

    Adem’s Girls Aloud podcast is also a really good and fun listen!
  5. The hosts are super cringe I find, but it is the best Dannii podcast out there. Credit to them for their great research.
  6. aww they seem really invested to my ears and genuinely interested in everything Dannii has to say. Which I love. i find faux excitement from hosts cringe.
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  7. Adem is the furthest thing from cringe possible. They’re passionate and invested, and that shows.
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    The funny thing is that Eliza is clearly the chaotic one.
  9. I LOVE Eliza!
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  10. Re-posting my Dannii documentary as sadly the previous version was blocked/removed by ITV/Piers Morgan. I appealed the decision but they would not allow me to use content from Dannii's Piers Morgan interview, even though other YouTuber's have it up on their channels?!

    Anyway, I've had to edit the whole thing to remove those segments. I've lost all my views and comments so if you watched the documentary before and enjoyed, please give it another watch and help me get my views up again. Thanks!

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  11. Has the Girl vinyl been released in Australia? No mention of a release date on the Warner site.

    I am torn if I should order it or wait for the UK release. If there are any differences I would like to compare before I order.
  12. I haven't seen Dannii mention anymore about this. Regarding the UK release, she just said that UK were ''doing their own thing'' with the vinyl, so who knows what that actually means.
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  13. The UK version will most likely be better than the AU version as always.
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  14. I'm still trying to track down an original vinyl copy of Dannii's debut album (the Australian 'Dannii') if anyone knows a site that might sell it for a decent price?
  15. This is brilliant. Thanks for loading it again and for including the Notre Dame de Paris section. Dannii was exceptional as Esmerelda.
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  16. Thanks.
  17. Anyone else really love this in all its Whigfield rip-off glory?

    You can even do the Saturday Night dance routine to it!
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  19. This Is Disco has been such a fun discovery for me, and I had to do a double take when I saw Dannii was an actual guest. She came across as so warm and genuine.

    I also loved all the insight Steve Anderson and Terry Ronald had to share, re: both the sisters.
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