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Dannii Minogue

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by euroboy, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. I know she will never do an album or Ep, but surely she can feature on some tracks here and there as a featured artist right ? (Without lifting a finger).
  2. I'm doubtful she'd be interested even if someone came to her with an EP of solid gold songs.

    But when Shygirl included I Begin to Wonder as one of her album inspiration tracks, it made my imagine run wild with potential collaborations with some of the cool kids within her inner circle. Just imagine.

  3. Seriously Red is out today in Australia with Dannii making a cameo appearance in it.
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  4. Iconique.

    Dannii should make a Renaissance inspired hyper-pop album ala Dorian Electra's My Agenda and revive this look for it.
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  5. I posted it on Instagram just now to inspire my self - This picture. I found it on the Spotify playlist Dannii Minogue The singles & more. GIRL is one of my favourite ever albums. I used to play it all the time when I was country boy and losing my self walking for hours
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  6. That playlist is odd, it doesn't even have So Under Pressure or Touch Me Like That, and has the wrong versions of Love And Kisses and Jump To The Beat.
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  7. These songs you mention and CLUB DISCO is not on Spotify. It is a shame because it is such great life giving album. I will make it album of the day ;)
  8. I love Club Disco, always takes me back to that period of 2007-2009 where the pop girlies were discovering dance music but we already had this heavy disco bliss from Dannii.

    regarding streaming, Dannii says it is hard to get her past stuff available everywhere because different record labels own the distribution rights in different territories. also, some of her previous record labels were bought by and incorporated by bigger ones but this merging process can be long and messy. so it's beyond her control.
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  10. "Surprises" as a plural... I'm suitably excited.
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  11. I am ready! Always nice to see Dannii talk about music, she looks great with the blonde hair again and like hardly a day has passed since the All I Wanna Do video.
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  12. Holy crap, I thought that was a video from 1997! She looks phenomenal!
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  13. I can't wait for her performances on the Masked Singer UK ;-) haha

    Yes, I am putting that into the universe - i'm not actually in the know!
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  14. If she does do it her outfit/character needs to be a pink telephone.
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  15. I assume she's referring to the Girl vinyl?
  16. If it's London Music Stream then it's possibly Neon Nights: 20th Anniversary digital EPs
  17. She said my friends at London have surprises for you. Probably just meant overall in general ?
  18. London Music Stream put out physical editions of the Voice of the Beehive reissue last week so there may be something physical too.
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