Dannii Minogue

Ian is very hit or miss. I haven't absolutely loved his work with Dannii since Neon Nights. His work with Bananarama has been mostly fantastic, though. I really hope he brings his a-game for Dannii.

I would love to hear some of the stuff Dannii wrote with her boyfriend. He has produced a wide variety of music. His remix of Galaxy was fun, but I'd love to hear what else they could create together.
I would love Dannii to grow as an artist and work/experiment with other producers and writers. Ian is very hit and miss, I agree, but I think it is time to leave the comfort zone? It worked with Who do you love now, All I wanna do, I begin to wonder, and You won't forget about me (which arguably ended up as some of her best hits).

I would also like to hear what she came up with the Boyfriend.

Cause I dream...dream...
I've said this for just about every gay-friendly pop gal in the last several years, but I feel like she would make magic with Krystal Klear.

Oh yes! She could even nail a topline over one of his instrumentals for old times sake.

I would also totally support Dannii working with Initial Talk and Bright Light Bright Light on some original material.
I love that she said on Table Manners she wants to do signings & a listening event for Neon Nights 20!

Jessie asked about shows and clearly she'd not even thought about it, but if we have signings there's plenty of opportunity to beg.
New songs for the fans to drag within fifteen minutes of them being released. Bring it on.

I'm hoping and praying for a banger every day until it's out so we have no reason to drag it.

Come on Dannii! Give us a new take on 2003 electro pop with super tight production and a well produced vocal. It's not beyond the realms of possibility. Let the love and adoration for the Neon Nights era guide you.

I wonder if there's a label involved at all...
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I’m too afraid to get my hopes up as this is Style Queen all over again (new music news and shopping for a label).

I think I’ll wait till it’s 100% announced!

But yes a proper banger that doesn’t sound dated that takes the music world by storm (the Who do you love now Effect).

I’d love if this was THE comeback!
Nice interview, not too much new but she reiterates her stance on new music i.e don’t expect a new album any time soon, which we already kinda knew.

“Now, I get asked a lot about music and I’m like: it’s incredibly hard for me to do that the way I want to do it and be a mum the way I want to be.” It is impossible, she says, not to think about bath time and bedtime on stage. “It’s really oil and water.”
The thing is, with the streaming era, it really doesn’t have to be that difficult. Although I guess she doesn’t want to invest in something that doesn’t have a definite chance of success.