Daphne & Celeste - Save the World

2018 is saved.

The new album Daphne & Celeste Save The World is due out on 30 March. Continuing their genius partnership with Max Tundra


1. Save The World
2. Sunny Day
3. BB
4. Alto
5. 16 Stars
6. Paint Can
7. You and I Alone
8. Alarms
9. Taking Notes
10. Golden Doldrum
11. Song To A Succulent
12. Whatever Happened To Yazz?
13. Kandy Korn

They have released BB:

and the still brilliant You and I Alone will be on there too:

You can pre-order all sorts of bundles here.

Why do I keep saying pingpong?
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And now you all know why I changed my avatar last week!

So I was told about this last Friday and asked to keep quiet about it. I couldn't believe it, because it's so unlikely isn't it? But hurrah! They've been reformed since last year, I was told, and they have an album ready to go.
Dreams come true.

All we need is for the tumblr brigade to become aware of I Love Your Sushi and they'll be all over social media. A smash awaits.
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This is brilliant. But completely unlike their first album. It's...Peter will love this word...glacial.
It's amazing. And you're U.G.L.Y. if you think otherwise.

Yes. The question mark was used to convey confusion rather than disagreement. I should have used an interrobang.

I also read that as you calling me ugly at first and I was like 'ew, stick you'.
Their voices are better than I remember. And they haven't aged much at all. The chorus is a bit of a non-event.

It's a bit like PC Music would sound if the punchline of PC Music wasn't "LOL it's pop a big ol' joke!" and the vocal production was actually audibly bearable.