Daphne & Celeste - Save the World

Someone posted this video from the gig:

Save the World & UGLY, looks like it was a fun show. Hope those who went or who are going to the other dates enjoy(ed) themselves.

I spoke to D&C the other week & they told me this was a "mini tour to promote our record, expect a bigger tour with more dates very soon" - so hopefully they'll be up north shortly!

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Slightly annoyed the release date is on a bank holiday (weekend) and they didn't have the foresight to send orders to arrive on the day before... so not gonna see a copy until Saturday/Tuesday!

There's a track that begins "Daphne... Whatever happened to Yaz?"

That would be 'Whatever Happened To Yazz?'!
I've given the album a thorough listen to now. I love 99% of it. The songs themselves are good. Daphne & Celeste's performances are good. But I'm not really enjoying the vocal production at all. It just seems so unnecessary, more than a little distracting and makes some of the lyrics unintelligible.

I know there was a lot of vocal production on "We Didn't Say That" but I never had trouble understanding any lyrics (except on UGLY for years I thought it was "now I feel like laundry" when it's apparently "now I feel like Blondie").

Good record all round though.

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Saw the album in HMV and couldn't bring myself to pick it up, knowing my copy was in a mail sack somewhere and would not be in my hands today. Sniff.
So annoying that these haven't arrived today. No-one's even kindly uploaded it anywhere! They'll have to save my world tomorrow instead.
That's pretty much what I felt walking away from it. I love the music and production, but all the effects on their voices needed to be toned down.

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Sunny Day is lovely but the majority of it kinda meshes together for me. Might need a few more listens before I really get it (or don't).
I went to the concert. The ladies were great and came across really well. Ooh stick you was utterly horrid though and had been turned into a football chant and a lot of the songs sounded the same. The vibe of the gig felt more like everyone had come to see an indie band. I think this is more of a Max Tunda featuring D&C album than a D&C album. Some of the songs have lonely melodies and tinkly delicate sound fx but they sound like they were recorded in a bathtub.
I guess this is who Daphne and Celeste are in 2018 now and if this is how they wonna express rhemsekves then that is ok. It's nice and I do like it but it's kinda like they've going down the ironic route. ''wonky pop". I would like to see them embrace their pop past a lil more .