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Daphne & Celeste - Save the World

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ArronJustMight, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. Someone posted this video from the gig:

    Save the World & UGLY, looks like it was a fun show. Hope those who went or who are going to the other dates enjoy(ed) themselves.

    I spoke to D&C the other week & they told me this was a "mini tour to promote our record, expect a bigger tour with more dates very soon" - so hopefully they'll be up north shortly!
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  2. Slightly annoyed the release date is on a bank holiday (weekend) and they didn't have the foresight to send orders to arrive on the day before... so not gonna see a copy until Saturday/Tuesday!

    That would be 'Whatever Happened To Yazz?'!
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  3. Had an email to say my signed CD, pink coloured vinyl and signed photo has been dispatched.
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  4. Yes, Ooh Stick You seems interesting...

    Regardless, really looking forward to hearing the album tomorrow!
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  5. I've given the album a thorough listen to now. I love 99% of it. The songs themselves are good. Daphne & Celeste's performances are good. But I'm not really enjoying the vocal production at all. It just seems so unnecessary, more than a little distracting and makes some of the lyrics unintelligible.

    I know there was a lot of vocal production on "We Didn't Say That" but I never had trouble understanding any lyrics (except on UGLY for years I thought it was "now I feel like laundry" when it's apparently "now I feel like Blondie").

    Good record all round though.
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  6. Saw the album in HMV and couldn't bring myself to pick it up, knowing my copy was in a mail sack somewhere and would not be in my hands today. Sniff.
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  7. So annoying that these haven't arrived today. No-one's even kindly uploaded it anywhere! They'll have to save my world tomorrow instead.
  8. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    A.L.T.O. has one of the most unpleasant choruses or middle eights or whatever it is that I've ever heard.
  9. If we pre-ordered the vinyl shouldn't we have had the mp3 download code today?
  10. It's on Spotify if you really want to listen to it now.

  11. Not me actually getting a free Spotify account just so I can listen to this album.

    It's very Super Mario/Sonic the Hedgehog which I love but can I tell what they're singing? No.
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  12. That's pretty much what I felt walking away from it. I love the music and production, but all the effects on their voices needed to be toned down.
  13. Sunny Day is lovely but the majority of it kinda meshes together for me. Might need a few more listens before I really get it (or don't).
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  14. Haha, yeah. My Vanilla obsession borders on unhealthy :).

    Glad it's not just me in regards to the vocal production.

    The album was around #86 on the iTunes Pop chart before, yay!
  15. My bundle just arrived, and it all looks amazing, and I can't wait to listen to it. Exciting!
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  16. My pink vinyl has arrived today and looks lovely. Slightly disappointed with the signed picture, was probably hoping for too much but was possibly expecting it to be personalised, figured they wouldn't have THAT many to do.
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  17. Is Golden Doldrum meant to play backwards? My faves so far are Sunny Day, You and I Alone and Taking Notes.
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  18. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Oh so that's what the postman the we knocking with at 8am. Oh well guess I'll be picking it up on Tuesday then.
  19. I went to the concert. The ladies were great and came across really well. Ooh stick you was utterly horrid though and had been turned into a football chant and a lot of the songs sounded the same. The vibe of the gig felt more like everyone had come to see an indie band. I think this is more of a Max Tunda featuring D&C album than a D&C album. Some of the songs have lonely melodies and tinkly delicate sound fx but they sound like they were recorded in a bathtub.
    I guess this is who Daphne and Celeste are in 2018 now and if this is how they wonna express rhemsekves then that is ok. It's nice and I do like it but it's kinda like they've going down the ironic route. ''wonky pop". I would like to see them embrace their pop past a lil more .
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