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Daphne & Celeste - Save the World

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ArronJustMight, Mar 29, 2015.

  1. Is anyone else a little miffed that "Hi-Fidelity" is only on the "Alarms" vinyl? Was hoping it'd be a bonus track on the album too, it's probably my fave thing they've done this time around but a little awkward to listen to alongside their other stuff.
  2. My signed bundle has come!

    The print is signed ‘EAT YOUR GREENS XO DAPHNE’


    ‘LOOK AT YOU! Celeste’

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  3. Awww they must all be different then. I got..

    "Resist XO DAPHNE"


    "Look Up! Celeste x <3"
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  4. As long as someone rips it, I'll be happy enough.
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  5. I think it’s meant to be coming out digitally soon.
  6. This is probably why I love it so much! I listened to Max’s Mastered by the Guy at the Exchange album again the other day and it’s every bit as gloriously “wonky” as I remembered it - in terms of song structure and subject matter as well as production. For me, to see him marry those leanings so seamlessly with Daphne & Celeste (whose songs always sounded a bit off-kilter from the mainstream pop sound of the time) is such a joy.
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  7. Mine is "Eat bugs" from Daphne and "Give hugs" from Celeste.
  8. Whups I meant lovely melodies not lonely.
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  9. Haha, I quite liked the idea of a "lonely melody" :).

    Here's a performance of "You & I Alone":

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  10. I kinda had to buy the cassette, just to sit next to all my other old D&C tapes......don't worry, I did buy the CD too.

  11. After a couple of listens, ‘Taking Notes’ is jumping out as a keeper.
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  12. It's literally a Max Tundra album with female vocals. I adore it.
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  13. The songs I keep going back to are 16 Stars, Paint Can and Sunny Day.
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  14. Sunny Day and ALTO are the other ones they did live, setlist fans.
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  15. Can't believe I'm actually downloading this...
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  16. Embrace it! Once you get passed the vocal production, it's mostly really good.
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  17. Is anyone else compelled by "Whatever Happened to Yazz"?

    It wasn't an instant one for me but it's oddly crept up.
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  18. Absoluteness loving this. Electronic, glittery, sometimes silly pop is just what the doctor ordered. 16 Stars is the one for me.
  19. Taking Notes is grabbing me today.
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  20. Sixteen Stars is awesome.
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