Daphne & Celeste - Save the World


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It’s not an instantly rewarding listen, and it definitely takes a few plays to get into. My current fave is Taking Notes.
My bundle arrived today; love the vinyl. The signed poster say ‘Stay Cool’ From Daphne and either ‘Love You’ or ‘Fuck You’ from Celeste. I doubt it’s the latter haha. Can’t wait to listen later.
Anybody else had trouble searching for the address from the download card in the vinyl? The link printed doesn't exist and I can't find anywhere to redeem my digital version on the D&C website. daphneandceleste.tmstor.es/redeem

Any help would be gratefully received.
I have just discovered the album, as well as Daphne & Celeste! I'm kinda glad that I had no idea who they were otherwise I might not have given the album a chance. "Alarms" is AMAZING!

I hope the next single, if there is one, is "Sunny Day"