Daphne & Celeste - Save the World


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I actually like this new song despite it being weird (probably because it's the first 'serious' song they've ever done), it works well with them. I've always loved their interviews.
WHAT?! Never thought I'd hear from these girls again!

Not sure about the new song but I'm really curious to see where they go from here...
So, it seems the link is live for US iTunes but I can't yet find it on the UK store.

Ripping the Schools Out CDS for The Camp Song in anticipation of completing their flaw free 12 track discography when this is up to buy.

The Camp Song was glorious. Sadly I only have it on cassette so I have to resort to YouTube every now and then.

I'm quite liking this new bop, pleasantly surprised they are doing something together.

Regretting throwing away my Daphne and Celeste stickers I won in a Smash Hits comp now.
Is this the greatest post-modern statement in popular music? Or is it just a quite good song by some people you thought were long gone?

Either way, I'm excited.
First of all, have they done anything together at all since what, 2000?
Secondly, that song is bloody cool and the video isn't so bad! The shorter one looks dying to laugh like she can't quite believe they are making another video!
What the fuck.

Since I'm not entirely sure whether Daphne and Celeste are an intentional joke or not, I think I shall refrain from judging this for now. At least it beats "Hey QT".
I'm getting Nadia Oh teas. I know the genre is different but it's the same kind of "this is good but it really shouldn't be" vibe.
I ignored this earlier today because I thought there was no way it could be anything but total crap, but it's actually INCREDIBLE. Beautifully produced and quite unique. What a comeback.

If only the video was more U.G.L.Y. and less ugly.